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It is now, but the Post is 1 Year old, many changes took place ^^

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Claws are rippping everything aswell as sword. Some of the most powerful Weapons in the Game.
Get some MOds and Perks for said Weapons and u see how good they are!

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And yes,

would be neat!

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Holy MOly ^^


Save urselfs...

How can they get rid of such awesomeness!

They have Chainswords anbd Plasma and all the goodies

NOw i wanna see Squats Terminator DLC, u heard Focus 🤣 😂

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Squats are the Space Dwarfs right? I wish they would be still Cannon, but yeah, cant have all right... 😢
Can u upload some Pics of ur Army? wonder how they look. I only now them from Warhammer Comic Series, which i cant remember the name though... There are only a couple of them in the INternet, like Black templar, Blood Angel and probably the coolest was a Psyker Chic wich landed on Commoragh in the Arena, later on iun the Webway. If i remeber correctly she met a Squat somewhere inbetween fleeing from everyone ^^

BTW, the Chainfist of this said Smurf Captain was The Honoured Book. I only bought the 2 Additions of Know no Fear, (The Hounoured and The Unburdened) because i bought the Newer Comic Novel of 30k i think 2 years back.
Which is painted fkn nicely, but very short which makes it way, way too expensive for what u get. But alone the paintings of the Warp makes it worth?! Not sure, but still nice to have.

Yeah, i have to read HH and then i will MOST DEFINETLY GET ALL the DARK ANGELS stuff. I hope they bring out a Lion Book like for the Scars and Vulkan etc.

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yeah i also thought BA`s were the first wearing Chainfists aswell.

But that incident with them against Genestealers is 40k right?!
Just came back from Vacation and have read some more 30k Horus Heresy. Well, who thought that a certain Smurf Marine in Terminator Armor rips through Heretics with his Chainfist before Breakfast 🤣 😂

But, we all know that Warhammer has a few things which dont add up if u read the whole Series...
NEVER THOUGHT Smurf Marines can fight for real 😱

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Could the Omnissiah please Consider holding down Heavy Attack and abele to sprint?! ^^
Would make a great addition and would make Combat more fluid!


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U can somewhat, if not the exact same in Multipalyer!

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Give them Barachiel Hammer and Shield and Nahum Nartecium, or whatever u like!

I did it all the time and it worked "well". Barachiel most of the time is Rearguard and he smashes everything with Thunderhammer. Nahum most of the time stays mid and u Front. That should work best for u!

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oh before i forget, praise the Omnissiah for fixing Claw Animation! It holds up to Speed now, atleast when u rock "no Speed Mod" on it and only have Claw Perk!

It feels Good to have my Claws back ^^

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Wow, what a surprise ^^

Really cool Map just went in before work. Havent tried on No Mercy yet, which could be very hairy...

Thanks for the new Map. It is really Appreciated!


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Well i havent posted ina while so its time ^^

Excpet wanting the obvious like most Bros (more Hulks, more Races and especially more Chapters to play with) i see a lot of people want to see:

  • Force Sword Skill Cooldown same as Axe, when playing, "Codex Rules". So many People ive played wanting this badly! Is it the Iconography on the sword, maybe... XD

  • More Psyker Skills to choose from. Ive posted this many times`and i really cant wait to see that happen. Especially Vortex Skill is Epic stuff. Maybe in MP u could make it that it doesnt do that much dmg, but instead they are trapped longer and u have to shoot the little buggers whirling inside ^^

  • Making the Force Weapon on Psyker glow Red
    Color Mod
    or when u pick the Warp Perk

Environment/ HUD Effects
Yes i wrote that a long while ago and it would make Missions a lot more unpredictable.

  • Radar doesnt work properly and flashes out from time to time. Of course when big Waves are coming in ^^, but not only then,, because it would be 2 predictable then and everyone knows theres a Wave coming.

  • Fog of War, well on certain Areas in the Hulk this could work really well. I dont see having a Fog which gives u only a couple of meters sight being everywhere in the Hulk, since there aren`t Vents throughout the Hulk in every bloody Corner.
    Makes the use of Bio Scanner and Revelator even more demanding!

  • Moving Hulk
    Let us have some Screen shakes like when u trigger Torpedoes. Hulk is moving in Space for whatever reason XD
    and that makes u have some random Screen shake, which takes u off aim and u need to rely on melee a bit more!

  • Lights out, Well, just turn off your Lamp!
    I tend to do this since the Game came out. And its a total different Experience. I heard a few people complain they cant see Hybrids in the Dark already. Use "BioScanner" or NVG. But lets be honest. i tried NVG a couple of times and... 😞 no point mounting that on my holy Weapons! That is my next point.

  • NVG Rework
    Make it a 4th Slot Armor Mod
    It makes NVG more viable aswell and u dont need to be Scoped in, since u have a ON/OFF Switch o the Keyboard, plus u can still have ur blessed Revelator or Bio Scanner

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@tmpwhore said in Storm Bolter and the MK. II are really bad compared to everything else?:

In the closed beta we used to do NO Mercy all bolter runs and yes it was hard as hell but it's doable with them all modded out. The bolters are more of a support type weapon to take out the sniping hybrids or far away turrets and the like. For example if you get the tactical perk "strategist" which gives you armour piercing AND 30% faster powerfist punches, it's almost OP. Even if you don't kill them with the bolter you just punch them out. Or what I like to do if I'm mixing it up with multiple nids close up is punch, fire a burst to disrupt the nids attack then punch again to take them out. It's crazy, I can take on like 5 nids myself and barely have them get a shot in because I'm using the bolter to disrupt their attack or finish them off.

The bolters are really used for precise bolter fire on high value targets like psykers, heavy stubbers, snipers, etc. Or to soften up a bunch of long range enemies. It's not really meant to mow down enemies that's where the heavy's come in. The other weapons like the spear of caliban and redemption, etc. are more point defense weapons where they can put out alot of fire and damage quickly but are not suitable for sustained fire. It's really how you use the weapon will determine it's effectiveness.

I agree!

Tactical with Strategist is my "Go To" on Tac Terminator. It is so much fun mixing up ranged and melee.
Try to Headshot and them use ur Powerfist to Purge them! Well if u think u go all out Squad with only Bolters on No Mercy u gotta have Balls, but like TMP said, it is manageable but frackin Hard. You better have some Inner Circle Dark Angels with you when u do this ^^

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@roibr said in No, Chainsaw??:

Just wait ;-P

Maybe not a Chainsword, but as Epic as an Chainsword and it has a Chain aswell

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@samhain138 said in Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition Overview Thread:

Sure are a lot of customization videos. That's scary. They are playing you all. This game is over friends.