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@ultrascythe said in Disable Anti-Cheat for Mods:

Its going be hard for me to continue playing this game for a long time if we never get to use the 1500 point mod. Agree with you that we should be able to boot the game in offline mode without the EAC.

For me it's the "super ships". I think those would be a riot to have in assassination missions and the like. But in general, I don't get why the game is so utterly anti-mod.

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Listen, I get that Tindalos has a raging hard-on for multiplayer this time around. But that stupid Easy Anti-Cheat means you can't modify anything in the game, otherwise it prevents the game from booting. Can we request that failing the Easy Anti-Cheat (Hereafter referred to as EAC) does one of the following instead:

  • Disable EAC if booting the game offline.
  • Disables ranked multiplayer access.
  • Disables ranked multiplayer access and achievements.
  • Disables all multiplayer access.
  • Disables all multiplayer access and achievements.
  • EAC asks if the player wishes to boot as a modded game, which can do one of the above.
  • Give us a separate directory for mods that EAC doesn't check, and put a mod option in the main menu of the game.

I recognize the first BFG wasn't exactly mod friendly, but it wasn't straight up antagonistic about it like BFG2.

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@canned_f3tus said in Faction aesthetics and customization:

@romeo what about the friggen faction campaigns. We have next to 0 information on how thats going to be and where its going to go. Thats why i dont get the whole. "Oh they just want to focus on pvp" for all we know The campaigns will play similiarly to. DoW DC and SS. With alot more depth. We can only speculate. Yeah fleet costumisation may be stream lined but that does NOT mean they dont give a rats ass over single player content.

This we do know about the campaigns:

  • There's only three of them.
  • Only five races are represented (ImpNavy/Marines/Mechanicus, Necrons and Tyranid).
  • They still don't bring back ship customization.
  • They clearly didn't consider them important enough to include in the opening Beta.
  • They are apparently what we get in exchange for losing the skirmish progression system.
  • They cannot be modded or improved in any way thanks to the anti-cheat system.

You're lying to yourself if you're truly arguing that the pendulum hasn't swung hard in the direction of multiplayer. Christ, look at the announcements Tindalos picked leading up to the first Beta, and the Beta itself. They were all things that were beneficial to the multiplayer crowd, and antagonistic to the singleplayer crowd.

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@canned_f3tus said in Faction aesthetics and customization:

@romeo. Oh please. You havent even seen any single player content except for the first 2 to 3 missions. You are making assumptions at this point off of nothing. Tindalos did a good job in singleplayer the first time. They will do good job this time around too.

Short of a god damn miracle, there's not really much I can see saving singleplayer. Unless I somehow missed them reintroducing ship customization, and a surprise announcement that fleet progression was coming back for all twelve factions, then yes, it's pretty god damn clear where the focus has shifted.

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@takt said in Faction aesthetics and customization:

@romeo , Blizzard don't think so. Each faction in Warcraft 3 and both Starcrafts have "different looking panels" and "themed music".

While I appreciate that Blizzard does that, there are a few differences there:

  • Blizzard has about ten times the staff and probably closer to a hundred times the budget on each game.
  • They had only four and three races to do that with, respectively. BFG2 has almost double that just on its own.
  • The first Starcraft and especially Warcraft 3 weren't designed with competitive multiplayer in mind upon release.

Make no mistake, I would looooooove more singleplayer focus this time around, but it seems we're not as important as the multiplayer crowd.

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I wouldn't hold your breath, they've made it pretty clear they're gunning for multiplayer primarily, and stuff like this isn't as important over there.

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...So that's god damn horrifying.

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@valrak said in Adeptus Astartes fleet feedback:

I really hope the developers give this a read, SM is the worst fleet in the game at the moment.

I had no idea you were on these forums, that's awesome! Watched your video on the Spess Mehreens this morning.

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@brohanbroski said in The Health & Shield Power of Vessels:

The HP and shields has been doubled from BFG1 already.

True, though weapon ranges have also gone up, as has peak DPS for certain groups.

I think things are at an OK place for most of the races right now, the only ones I've found that die or run too quick are the Dark Eldar and the Space Marines.

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An alternative (Cool) idea for it would be "Ships may continue to fire and move when Hulked, but cannot be controlled. Applies to Line Ships."

Would be like Mutiny in function, but prevents your ship from truly being hulked.

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