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@captain-caboose said in Apply for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 Closed Alpha:

@netheos so it says on the pre order that we will be able to play the multiplayer a few weeks before launch is that still happininng among the beta if so roughly when

also iv been debating buying the tau or space marines in the first game but hearing the sequal might have them is making it a little tricky since i dont know if it would be worth buying them

one last thing will there be any more bonuses to pre ordering or is it just the price difrence among early accsess

not saying there bad there quite good in most respects just curious if there will be more

The game is currently expected in September, so at best we don't get access until early August.

I got them free, so my judgment is innately biased, but I really enjoyed both. Space Marines play vaguely "normal", just geared towards boarding actions. They also have a cool thing where their "favours" are completely unique to each fleet (You can't have doubles), and are based upon each of the Legions own heroes. The Tau are massively OP, but play exactly like you'd expect the Tau to (Set up at range and watch yourself win).

No idea what else they could add in. There's no more primary races to add in to the game, so a DLC-giveaway like the first seems unlikely.

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@yi-aari said in Battlefleet gothic armada 2 pre-order available.:

Xcom2 to take absolutely for those who have not yet.

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Beware the Mutant. The Heretic. The Spambot.

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@caliger_reborn said in BFG 2 Favors:

@romeo You didn't say Dark Eldar in the original post, so you lead me to believe you are referring to the corsairs or Eldar in general. Also, is this BFG or 40K TT?

"Eh, seems to work just fine on the tabletop. I don't I've ever heard someone describe the Dark Eldar as overpowered there"

Just referring to the TT 40K core game. The Dark Eldar barely exist in BFG. And I recognize they aren't a perfect 1:1, but never-the-less, unless someone can survive launching repeated alpha-strikes, ludicrous speed doesn't mean much. And given that any Eldar/Corsair/Dark Eldar ship is going to be using hopes and dreams for defense, I'm sure it can be balanced fine. Have them capable of launching enough weapons in a short burst to almost assuredly take out a specific ship if focused on, but also give them the durability they have now. They might be able to screw up an opponent's strategy, but they're going to take it on the nose doing so.

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@caliger_reborn said in BFG 2 Favors:

@romeo You have really never heard anyone complain about the Eldar on table top? Really? That's surprising to me.

Dark Eldar

The Eldar are super overpowered, but that's not because of their kiting. That's because they can use basically any strategy in the game and still expect to do well. The Dark Eldar on the other hand need to use hit in run (Given that their armor makes Guardsmen look tough), and in spite of them being really good at that, they're nowhere near overpowered.

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Eh, seems to work just fine on the tabletop. I don't I've ever heard someone describe the Dark Eldar as overpowered there, in spite of their entire playstyle being "rush in, kill a character or squad, and run away". Doesn't mean the enemy is going to play dead and wait to be picked off one by one.

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@solaire said in Multiplayer Match Player numbers - Vote now!:

@orkan 8 Players would be very hard to balance, and would take quite a while to find a match. At the very most 3v3 might be doable, and that's pushing it.

I mean, I feel like the former doesn't matter much anyways. If you're going for an 8 player match you're probably not focused on a super-competitive match (Too many variables).

The latter point though is a colossal concern for the multiplayer crowd. The online community on the first game was apparently very small, according to the forums, and finding a match was difficult. Now double that required minimum, and you'd be waiting forever for a match.

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@caliger_reborn said in BFG 2 Favors:

@ashardalon They need to do something more radical than add ships to make the Eldar good.

Agreed. The Eldar need to go back to being "first-strike" attackers. Get in, pick off a ship, run away. Rinse, repeat. Hopefully the rework to boarding will also help solve one of their massive weaknesses (Getting absolutely lit up by teleporters).

@imptastic said in BFG 2 Favors:

@ashardalon i wouldnt go that far but homeworld was considerably slower so its not really comparable.

He's not far off. A third dimension would utterly ruin the game. Imagine how much frustrating it would be with your inaccurate Nova Cannons having a new variable to screw up on. How annoying it would be trying to line up Experimental-Railgun/Pulsar/Mining-Beam shots. How crippling it would be having to get your narrowly aiming Eldar ships to have even less of a window to attack with. Mines would become completely worthless. Non-teleporter boarding would become hair-pullingly difficult to line up.

2D not only works best for the game, it gives the Eldar the best chance at usefulness by eliminating an exponential difficulty spike in aiming.

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Oh I'm sure we're not getting that many, you're right. Still: Dream big, right? 😛


+25 Speed may or may not be overpowered depending on a single factor: Range. It doesn't matter if they move like a hamster on cocaine if they need to get close to do anything, as their fragility means other races will still be able to "strike back" at those quick ships (Especially if they're spaced apart themselves). If the Dark Eldar have average (Or long) range, then yeah, more Speed will basically be an auto-win, as they'll just kite everything to death.

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Crazy theory:

The Merchant Fleet won't get favours, but will instead be limited to a maximum amount of Mercenaries, picking from:

  • Yabi-Yabi: Have potent weapons and range, but are expensive and incapable of offensive boarding.
  • Anthrazods: Immune to Asteroid Damage, and like Demiurgs, have weaponry based upon utilizing Asteroid Fields and ship wrecks.
  • Hrenian: Adapt boarders.
    Morralian: Cheap ships that gain bonus for every ship alive in the fleet.
  • Ji'Atrix: Slow ships with both decent combat capabilties and great boarding, but expensive.
  • Tarellian: Fast ships with great boarding, but inaccurate weaponry.
  • Demiurg: Slow and powerful, remain unchanged from before.
  • Kroot: Just awful, but cheap, remain unchanged from before.
  • Vespid: Short range with high damage and durability, but expensive.
  • Nicassar: Perhaps could be changed to "psychic scouts" for the second, to give them a more defined role.
  • Galg: Slow as all hell, but with decent defense and regenerative abilities.

That would make the faction feel substantially "different" from not just the core Tau, but from the other 11 races. There's also a chance that multiple races might have different mechanics regarding Favours, or that Favours may not return at all (Though I hope that's not the case).

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@caliger_reborn said in Sell me the Game:

@duderface Its called Faith, dirty heretic.

Man, your faith is easy to get. How many cults have you joined? Be honest.


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