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You're a good lad, thank you for this. EAC basically killed my interest in modding, glad to hear it's easy (Pun 100% intended) to defeat.

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You hit the nail on the head for me: Firing should automatically eliminate stealth for a couple seconds.

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  1. Disagree. Don't necessarily like the current system, but the idea they've proposed to replace it with (Troop damage over time) sounds better than what we had in the first game.

  2. Yeah, morale is currently annoying as all hell. Agree with you completely on this one.

  3. Yeah. At least they've given us the option to not play it now.

  4. Don't play multiplayer, so I don't have a dog in this fight, but I'd be tempted to agree. I suspect part of why they no longer do that is because fleets are no longer drawn from specific, customized ships, but instead are just "pick what's best", and they probably don't want people hard-countering certain enemies.

  5. Yeah, that sounds annoying.

@nemesor-xanxas said in Things I would personally change in BFG2:

@lothair88 I agree with some of this, but boarding and capture points are dumb. Since we are talking boarding from a lore standpoint, it’s literally impossible lorewise to hulk a nid ship, the “crew” doesn’t do anything besides fight intruders and protect stored things. Boarding Necron vessels is likewise almost impossible, and usually ends with the death of multiple companies of marines. You identified the biggest flaw with cap points in your own arguement, to use them you need to spread, which leads to the high mobility factions anihilating about a third of your fleet with all of theirs and the taking that third point, and at that point they don’t even need to kite, winning a brawl should be easy.

I agree that the Tyranids should be unhulkable (Just suffer progressive issues when their troop count runs down), but hulking ships makes perfect sense to me: If the defenders to kill invaders are all dead, the invaders are free to run through the ship and murder the crew.

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...Why make a second thread about this? There's already a Pulsar thread... You replied to it.

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You sound like the kind of individual that thought the Tau didn't have issues in the first game, so long as you "played around it."

"You can totally catch up to the Eldar, so long as you take a specific fleet combination, they don't spread out, you time your engines and jumps correctly, they don't time their jumps correctly, there's no debris in the way, Abaddon is about to sneeze and Pluto is in the fourth quadrant. Then you've totally got them!"

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@darok said in Vortex torpedo for Ad-Mech:

yeah, that's why I wanted to give them another type of torpedoes to give them a little more identity (and adding some ship with torpedo launchers bigger than L.cruiser could also help).
Since the IN have Melta torpedoes and SM boarding torpedoes, I was thinking that a kind of torpedoes specialized in crippling systems could be good (a slowing effect could work too).
The light cruisers could be used to cripple ships so the Cruisers could kite and land Nova canon shot against fast targets more easily.

Indeed, the AdMech's biggest issue (In my eyes) is a lack of identity. They feel like a subfaction of the Imperial Navy, not a faction of their own, and that's disappointing. The more differences they can wedge between them and the Imps, the better.

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@darok said in Vortex torpedo for Ad-Mech:

Right now, Ad Mech feel too dependent from the nova canon and their torpedo launcher ships are too weak compared to others because they only use basic torpedoes. I think that giving them vortex torpedoes could help with that and feel ok lore wise since they are supposed to be the one who use high tech weaponry in the Imperium.

Also, the Ark Mechanicus could use a torpedo launcher. Maybe not 8 torpedoes like the Retribution since it's also have a Nova canon but 6 could be good. Right now, it's too weak and it's better to take 2 Tyrant for doubling the use of Nova canon will keeping a good Macro dps.

As for the effect of the vortex torpedo, I don't know. Maybe it could work like eldar torpedo and ignore armor or have double the critical chance so it's better to destroy systems. Probably only one use since they are supposed to be really powerful (and they are supposed to be the rarest type of torpedo).

Of course, price of the ships might be changing in the process since they become more powerful with better torpedoes.

Vortex could either be an automatic minor critical, or alternatively, combine the effects of Melta and conventional torpedoes, but slightly weaker than being hit by both.

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@liberalperturabo said in Necron flyers:

Unable to return to the ship, meaning they can only ever have three uses.

That's incorrect, they do that perfectly fine.

Scythes are great utility, scince you basically get them for free on every line ship where for other factions you have to make a choice to take carriers even if all you need squarons for is vision. Necrons don't need strong squadron presence, scince they get the best carrier and torp counter in the game, especially if you can time your starpulses right. It's one of the things that makes them a very unique faction.

I've never once had my Scythes return, even when fielded against completely turretless ships.

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@wulfburk said in Mod support?:

How about a mod that adds some of Dawn of War best tracks to BFGA2?

Definitely not going to be something that is publicly shared, it'd be copyright infringing. If you want to do that, you'd have to keep it to yourself.

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Scythes are terrible pretty much top to bottom:

  • Worse at being fighters than everyone elses' fighters.
  • Unable to return to the ship, meaning they can only ever have three uses.
  • Worse at being bombers than everyone elses' bombers.
  • Trying to combine their roles means they have three charges competing against everyone elses' six charges (With the possibility of more if successful).

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