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@fosil said in Devblog #3 - Factions:

the merchant fleet is supposed to be broadside-based with cheap carriers and extremly bad boarding and is very slow moving overall, while the protector fleet will probably keep better prow armor, forward facing guns, gravitic hook escorts and the custodian as a super carrier while being faster overall.

Ah, I misread your other post, deeeerp. That makes sense (Though weird of them to post it the wrong info).

Still makes me wonder (Well, hope) that the Auxillaries all go to the Merchant Fleet, to well and truly separate them from the "core" Tau Protector fleet... Oh well, dare to dream! 😛

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@fosil said in Devblog #3 - Factions:

I think the tau protector fleet screenshot shows a merchant fleet ship. I approve of only showing screenshots with tau getting eaten by nids though.

You've got a better eye than me, because the ships in both the Protector Fleet and Merchant Fleet look identical to me. That's why I'm hoping there's more difference than "one has better armour than the other", or the may as well just combine the two.

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Awesome write-up, but it did leave me with a question.

Which Tau race gets the auxillary forces? And are there any new auxillary forces, or just the returning Kroot, Demiurg and Nicassar ships?

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@devilman2197 said in Beta Tests and Release Date:

@romeo public betas are supposed to be spotless frankly, people will refund and post bad review with only so much a a couple hour of beta testing

public beta are more like early access/stress test, everything on display exempt for balance has to be spotless these days

the closed beta is more for bug spotting and listing the issues

I don't disagree, this shouldn't be a bug-riddled mess like an alpha build. But if the community finds an unstoppable exploit, or notices a huge balance issue, or we find out that certain hardware doesn't play nice with the game, we're only leaving ourselves a month and a half to correct it on the first round of Betas, or half a month in the second round.

Seems kinda pointless even calling it a Beta with those windows. Why not just call it a preview build or something?

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So as not to clutter up the first message with personal bias, anyone else think it's weird they're waiting until December to do the first Beta? If there's going to be multiple Betas, that doesn't exactly leave a lot of space for a couple Betas and then to iron out any issues that pop up during those Betas...

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Game is out January 24th.

First Beta is apparently out in December, and runs for a week.

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Eh, fair enough for those who want it. For me, I want to play games, not watch them. If I absolutely have to watch, a recording with the UI present isn't going to be the end of the world.

I couldn't even tell you which one of my favourite RTS games had observer mode, it's literally that irrelevant to me. 😐

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Nice to read! Looking forward to collecting my enemies as Necron. 😛

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I know it's not a hard-and-fast promise that we're doing them every two weeks, but I'm just wondering if we have an ETA on the next one? It would be nice to keep the excitement leading up to the first beta, after all.

Updated the title.

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