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@measly said in ork mega kannon artillery:

Guess i'm just having issues with making the custodian viable. dunno if there is a good way to use it but i'm usually better off taking cruisers with torps. it's just that it's a really cool ship, wish i could use it better, lol.

General advice for the Custodian: Hide it behind a Demiurg ship or Kroot Warsphere (Typically the former more than the latter due to speed and maneuverability). The Custodian doesn't trade well at all, it's a spear; The Auxiliaries are your shield to keep yourself protected while it plinks away vulnerable targets. If something starts to get close to the Custodian, use the Auxiliary to ram it away again, while also boarding the ever-loving hell out of it with the Custodian (Assuming its shields are down). The Auxiliary and Escorts may eventually die, but by then, you've got a very good at trading with the remaining survivors even in a standup fight.

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@coheed1988 said in Leveling System:


As did I, however I don't think the leveling this time around involves the same satisfying progression.

Last time round each rank allowed me to unlock new slots. Each level my ships gained made them better, or opened up more upgrade options and combinations, wherein all of the upgrades themselves were available from the first level, but you had to be tactical about which to take on each ship.

This time around it just an arbitrary filler before you can acess various skills and upgrades, which just apply broad brush upgrades to your whole fleet without any nuance.

Its not even like there's any progression, like the higher skills and upgrades are better than early ones.

Yeah, I don't disagree with you there: Progression sucks this time around, I want more, not less.

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Guess I'll be the voice of dissent: I love leveling. I like seeing my guys get more stuff as I level up. I went through the skirmish campaigns in the last game with absolutely everyone because I loved watching the fleet improve and evolve.

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I'm not crazy about making Chaos only good at long range, that niche is a Tau thing.

That said, yeah, they need something somewhere. They're essentially "worse Imperials" at the moment.

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As per the conversation we had, you're asking people to modify every single ship and every single ability in the game. If that's the scope of what you're looking at, you may want to learn and do it yourself, because that'll take a long time for someone to do.

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@bosie said in Desktop Fleet Building Tool:

I've decided I want to learn C#. I picked a fleet building tool for BFG2 as my first project.

You can find it here:

Feedback welcome.

You're a good lad. I'll try this when I get home!

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@badrukk said in Imperial Navy lore question:

@nemesor-xanxas said in Imperial Navy lore question:
Many thanks.

retribution class (8km)

Where does it come from
All said it 8km but no one can provide solid source on it

The Lexicanum got that particular stat from the Battlefleet Gothic resources from GW themselves. You'll find they tend not to post stuff that cannot be verified.

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Lexicanum is your friend for lore questions, always.

Retribution would be about 8KM long.

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@skalgrim-fellaxe said in Modding Resources:

@romeo You need the program Python installed to be able to run the script. You also have to run it through the command prompt.

This straightforward guide helped me out a ton:

"Download and install latest Python 3 from their website, make sure during installation you check "Add python.exe to path" or similar, and then you can open a command prompt wherever you want (type 'cmd' (no quotes) in the title bar of explorer in the folder you put the script in, upon the first time using it, enter pip install pycryptodome to install the crypto library, and then you can run the script with the command 'python bfga2_aes.py' (no quotes); you may need to rename the downloaded file into 'bfga2_aes.py' (no quotes). Running it like that will give you the usage information; e.g. to decrypt a command might be: 'python bfga2_aes.py decrypt C:\Example\Path\To\Encrypted\Data\Without\Spaces\UnitStatsOfficial.json C:\Path\To\Output\Data\UnitSchemaOfficial.json.dec' (no quotes) and vice versa for encryption." - Pistonminer

Hope this helps. It got me to get almost everything to work. The rest is trial and error.

Oh I've got Python installed (Use it for modding other things), but the script itself was what wasn't working for me.

Will try modifying my install, see if that changes things.

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@skalgrim-fellaxe said in Modding Resources:

@smoothrunes Its fairly easy. For me it was just a matter of learning the whole python bit needed to decrypt/encrypt the textfiles that hold all that information-goodness that we want to change to get the game as we like. But if you have no previous experience at all it might be a new world to open up.

How did you get it to? I've tried placing the filenames in to the script itself, but it never seems to latch on an decrypt them.