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@beernchips said in Imperial campaign finished:

I agree that the campaign is good overall but the next one should benefit of some imporvement :

  • Scenaristics missions are good but repetitive missions are not so I would prefer a shorter campaign which emphasizes more on the special operations

Kinda like what @Mystic_Taboo said, part of this is because they've abandoned all the other game types we already had in the first game. Playing the same exact kind of battle over and over and over was always going to get old. BFG1 had a long campaign, but it was still entertaining to play, because the type of battle changed up so much. They need to go back and put those modes back in the game, because I can't imagine it's going to be much more fun having more campaigns that only use one or two modes for hours on end.

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So, not sure if I'm just a moron or something (Don't answer that), but I cannot get the Python script to decrypt any of the encrypted files...

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I suspect the reason @Ashantai suggested Imps-only is because there's already a voice-actress for them, whereas they'd have to hire new ones for the AdMech.

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@furmano said in Things I would personally change in BFG2:

In terms of mutiny: I kind of wish that mutineering ships would keep firing on targets (albeit with lower efficiency), using fighters protectively and fire their defence turrets.

Agreed. It kinda blows my mind that after a mutiny, the ship simply becomes a moron. If I just took over a ship and were trying to flee, my first order wouldn't be "Stop defending ourselves!"

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@chaffney said in Missiles v. Macros:

What is the difference between missiles and macros?

Are you referring to the Kroot's missiles vs Macrocannons?

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@takt said in Vortex torpedo for Ad-Mech:

@romeo, Gravity Cannon looks like one of most toxic and annoying things I've ever seen. The game against Nova Fleet it's always a game AoE against maneuver. And dev gave each AdMech nova ship stasis bomb now. All you fleet in red circles, can't move and slowly shot unable to do nothing. I predict metric tons of hate from those who face it. Grav graphic effects, however, are good.

Oh, I'm only referring to how it looks. Frankly I couldn't give less of a damn about multiplayer, so that aspect doesn't matter to me personally.

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While we'll have to wait and play to see how they came out, they are changing a bunch of things for the AdMech on the next patch, which should help give them some personality beyond "Imps, but worse". Right off the bat, the Gravity Cannon looks frigging awesome.

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Man, I could watch that Grav Cannon gif all day. That might actually be the best looking weapon effect in the game.

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You're a good lad, thank you for this. EAC basically killed my interest in modding, glad to hear it's easy (Pun 100% intended) to defeat.

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You hit the nail on the head for me: Firing should automatically eliminate stealth for a couple seconds.