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Well, if modding is that easy, I might go ahead and let Tindalos keep my money. My numerous issues with the game might be easier to handle if I know I can simply mod some of them away.

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I love your list, though frankly, if we even get singleplayer content for the remaining races I'll be happy.

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@zucadragon said in First Update & Beta Branch Info:

@romeo Fair enough, it's just that, I've been used to games going for like, 2 - 4 weeks without any significant updates, and one week in, we're already getting a lot of issues dealt with. I just imagine adding a whole new campaign or even saying you're going to add a new campaign when there's so many other issues and content to deal with, is pretty hard.

If this were any other company, I'd agree with you. Amplitude? For sure, I'd wait no problem. Creative Assembly? Not an issue. Stardock? I'd wait patiently with a smile.

But this is the same Tindalos who promised players of the first BFG that something was coming, just wait! A wait which went to two years - with not a god damned peep about what to expect - and ended up not being a fix for any of BFG's then-problems, but instead a complete do over. As a result, their current announcement of something is coming for a fourth campaign has about as much hope for me as world hunger ending tomorrow.

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@zucadragon said in First Update & Beta Branch Info:

@romeo Really? That's the only criteria you have to keep this game? Seems a bit harsh.

I've been giving them chances to focus on the singleplayer experience literally since they announced the game (Longer than that if you count supporting them from launch of the first game). So far, haven't seen enough to justify my money. I'm not made of money, so I need to be careful about what I spend my entertainment budget on. I'd love to support Tindalos, and am stating what will get them to keep my money.

Frankly, thought I was being polite.

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  1. Agree fully.
  2. Haven't played since the full release, so I can't comment there.
  3. Yes, that bugged me too. I don't like any of the "applies to this system/neighbouring system" ones, as they end up being worthless in some cases.
  4. Eh, for a "no work" option, I think we're in a good place there.
  5. They could change the name to "Ignore Fleet" or something, because that's what it is. Doing more requires work, and Tindalos is already playing catch up.
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Still no word on what the next campaign is going to be, eh? There's only a week left before I have to refund in order to get my money back, was hoping to hear before then.

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@vectorstrike said in Some experiences and my impression of the game.:

I feel some repetitiveness with AdMech, Dark Eldar and Space Marines, mostly. Dark Eldar lines are too short, in fact.

Tau lines are quite on the spot, however.

Space Marines I'm OK with, they actually play and look appreciably different than the Imperial Navy. AdMech, on the other hand, might as well be a reskin, they play almost identical and have almost the exact same lineup. A similar problem exists amongst the Eldars for visuals. The Tau also play identical to one another. Those are the factions I'd like to see some big changes to, not for balancing, but simply for uniqueness.

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@lothair88 said in Using Boarding to deal with mutiny's?:

What about the factions that really on Morale dmg or create such builds? Like Necrons for instance?

I also agree their should be some other counter means. Maybe destroying an opposing ship, more executions?

Making your opponent waste boarding charges and reset their boarding cooldowns would still favour factions that do morale damage. Any time their boarding their own mutinying ships, they're not boarding yours.

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@existor said in Official Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 Fan Kit:

Any news on hotfixes, patches? Do not act like your game is ideal and polished, and I'm not talking about coop.

Indeed. How dare they release free pictures for us that didn't cost them anything to produce, those bastards.

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Pretty sure Guard mode makes you FIX BAYONETS.