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@stirmygnat you're not crazy. The 538 feels like it got a 15-20% bump. It's better, but not the 80-90% some we're hoping for. Overall, speeds and responsiveness seem to have come back up from the last update. Feels pretty good.

Truck order in selection menu got changed up. Seems to better reflect current balance, but that's kinda subjective.

Think legacy camera got tweaked again. Thought it a bit more responsive to input and stable while under way. Might be my imagination. Any changes, if any, were subtle.

Something's brought traction up. I'm able to run most 6x6s in 6x4 with diff locks only and not have too much trouble now unless I'm pulling something. Only need all wheels for the really hairy stuff or heavy hauls.

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Same for me on PS4. Started after the 1.07 update. Not really a problem unless you're going for "I have all I need" on hardcore or something.

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At 1.8gb, I can only assume it's preloading a lot of the assets for American Wilds. If that's the case it may be a bit before we get the change log.

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The stars never really bothered me. Hardly notice them anymore, but I've also had them for months now. The biggest problem I see is that after American Wilds drops, if no changes are made we'll be driving Freightliners and Chevys around the American backwoods with a nice red Soviet star on the side. Might come off as a bit silly...

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76 has been a pr mess since it was announced. While people have wanted an online option since 3, going online only isn't something anybody wanted or asked for. About the only good thing I see coming out of this is them ripping out decades worth of legacy code and rebuilding the engine almost entirely.

I'm going to have to skip 76, at least for now. Don't have the net connection to support it, amongst other issues. No offline screwed me out of it.

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I don't know if it was intentional or not, but the new fuel and utility trailers that came with the B6A can't be used with anything else. It'd be nice to have those for things like the B66 and have more fuel/repair available without pulling a 6x6 out of circulation.

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@slavmaster Suspension would improve performance in rapidly crossing extreme terrain for sure. You need that for transporting men and material, but that's not what this is for. It's primary role is as an earth mover for road building and engineering works like trench digging. In those roles having full suspension actually works against you. With fixed axles, any forces from your attachments like blades, buckets, ect., can pass straight through the chassis and back into the ground. If you're fully suspended, the suspension dampens the energy transfer lowering the amount of force you can exert with the attached tool. You don't get 100% energy transfer until the suspension fully compresses. If you need a clearer example, try lifting weights while standing on a stack of mattresses. See how much power those nice comfy springs suck out of your legs.

Stability is another part. You need your center of gravity as stable as possible for any kind of heavy lifting. Suspension means the chassis can sway and roll at whatever angle it wants, throwing your center of gravity all over the place. That's only useful if you want to end up in a "forklift fail" compilation video. Outriggers can solve this somewhat, until you have to lift and move at the same time.

Sorry if this is a bit wordy. I work with industrial power equipment and have seen WAY too many training videos at this point...

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@sodoma Actually, it may have an unlisted "feature" of sorts. I had the B-6A spawn on Bog last night. First DLC vehicle I've seen show up outside it's "home" map.

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@difflock66 yes. That and the smaller single axle. Also the front axle on garage trailers is now a steering axle and not rigidly fixed, and old maps have new textures and some sections rebuilt.

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@blazinit looks it. Blame psn scheduling. It can be pretty arbitrary sometimes. With nothing for sale, Sony has no incentive to prioritize this one. The update is live though, so you can at least enjoy that. The new tire settings feel pretty good, and there's been some changes to existing maps to keep us occupied in the meantime.

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