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@link000 yeah, I feel dumb for not trying this. I just parked my teammates back in a hall and pulled to them, worked great! Campaign finished, thanks for the advice!

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Ya, I'm stuck on Chapter 9, easy difficulty (after a restart from Normal). You have to fight 3 big dudes at once in every objective room. I've tried different loadouts and can't really keep my squad alive and kill those guys fast enough. I went along the top tree, which is supposed to make my squad "legendary"? I should be rolling through this...

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Just picked this up yesterday, lots of fun so far! I play on PC with a "PS4" controller, so a couple requests:

  • Allow complete re-mapping of controls.

  • Let me choose to put PS4 icons in place of XBox icons. I scanned through the ini files and didn't see any options that might help.


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