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@digital-x I tried to create the most realistic Desert atmosphere. I used real life terrain from the desert, which really helped me out. But It took alot of preparation to know what to do with the certain "spaces/areas."

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I'm releasing today.

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Time to bump this thread after I havent Been up to much on the forum.

I'm about to release my newest map. It's a desert map and based on Arizona deserts!Check out the screenshots


0_1529956227871_20180620174701_1.jpg 0_1529956236869_20180517134045_1.jpg 0_1529956240379_20180620174139_1.jpg 0_1529956246912_20180620173347_1.jpg 0_1529956280564_20180619201518_1.jpg

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@shadowsincere These are crummy maps that haven't been setup properly. Pay attention to the content you download--- there is alot of just plain crap out there.

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