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The overall optimization is pretty rough currently, I know it's only beta and all but I've played other betas and alphas in that past that aren't this rough so close to release.

I7- 4790k
16gb RAM
gtx 1080
-- With all that the game runs at 50-65 ish with mild action happening and with heavy action it drops to 42-49 --
And that's with the settings on low-medium

Also a MAJOR issue is smoke grenades, running through them the game drops to an amazing 20fps and just completely craps itself.

Thanks for your time!

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While in a gun fight versus an opposing player, they strafe and it's almost impossible to keep up with the speed at which they strafe it's like playing Call of Duty or something it's really rough.

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@doubletapdan said in PLAYER SPEED!:

Please consider the fact that player speed is too fast. I've heard mainly negative comments towards the player speed, although I understand some people also love it. I think in order to better suit the 50/50 split or 60/40 split of people that either hate or love the current speed. It should be slowed. This is something that requires attention due to the constant complaints. Feel free to have open discussions without being volatile, as open discussions lead to change or constants.

Exactly why I came to the forums, I feel like people are hop on on speed or cocaine they move so fast in gun fights.