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Will we ever be able to see the results of the Beta Ranked results? I would love to see what races performed well and which ones didn't as well as see how I performed overall.

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I just spent 5 min using my orks to ram eldar and lost. When eldar can get bashed by orks that directly for that long without falling apart something seems awry. Just to be clear, I don't mean I hit them once or twice I mean I spent about 5 min in constant contact with their ships including at least 3 hits with my line ships against a single one of theirs, using the big red button, and still didn't destroy even that one ship. Seems like either something is causing the holoshields to effect ramming or ramming has been way too nerfed.

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Gotta disagree with the last point here. Often I find going after points is the only way to counter eldar/dark-eldar, and if you made the point victory any faster the eldar would have a huge advantage in even that, since they have faster ships and can typically get the points fast in the beginning but they can't hold em, and by the time they kill the ship I put on each point, the battle is mine (even though they kill all my ships).

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I have seen a lot of hate concerning both the strategic point mechanic, and Dark Eldar being OP, and I think I came up with a solution to both problems.

The issue, as I see it, is that the current strategic point mechanic gives an advantage to fast and offensive races as they can bounce around and loosing one point is not an issue since they can just capture the next. I don't think that the issue is that Dark Eldar are OP, but rather that the nature of the objectives makes it easy for them to execute their ideal strategy (isolate ships and kill them).

I have a number of suggestions to fix this but they all have one theme, there needs to be some way to prevent victory due to points that involves playing more defensively. Here are three possible suggestions:

  • (King of the Hill) Have a special strategic point located in the center of the map be a essential. As long as a player controls this point they can not loose due to points. This would allow slower more defensive fleets to take this point and focus on defending it rather than
  • (Capture the Flag) Have each player start with a strategic point that must be captured by the enemy before they can win by points

  • (Assassination) A player must kill the opponents flagship before they can win by points.

Any way, these are just suggestions, interested to hear what others think.

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