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I just spent 5 min using my orks to ram eldar and lost. When eldar can get bashed by orks that directly for that long without falling apart something seems awry. Just to be clear, I don't mean I hit them once or twice I mean I spent about 5 min in constant contact with their ships including at least 3 hits with my line ships against a single one of theirs, using the big red button, and still didn't destroy even that one ship. Seems like either something is causing the holoshields to effect ramming or ramming has been way too nerfed.

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Will we ever be able to see the results of the Beta Ranked results? I would love to see what races performed well and which ones didn't as well as see how I performed overall.

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I have seen a lot of hate concerning both the strategic point mechanic, and Dark Eldar being OP, and I think I came up with a solution to both problems.

The issue, as I see it, is that the current strategic point mechanic gives an advantage to fast and offensive races as they can bounce around and loosing one point is not an issue since they can just capture the next. I don't think that the issue is that Dark Eldar are OP, but rather that the nature of the objectives makes it easy for them to execute their ideal strategy (isolate ships and kill them).

I have a number of suggestions to fix this but they all have one theme, there needs to be some way to prevent victory due to points that involves playing more defensively. Here are three possible suggestions:

  • (King of the Hill) Have a special strategic point located in the center of the map be a essential. As long as a player controls this point they can not loose due to points. This would allow slower more defensive fleets to take this point and focus on defending it rather than
  • (Capture the Flag) Have each player start with a strategic point that must be captured by the enemy before they can win by points

  • (Assassination) A player must kill the opponents flagship before they can win by points.

Any way, these are just suggestions, interested to hear what others think.

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@romeo said in Double clicking on ships is like gambleing:

This isn't a bug. The tutorial specifically tells you that you can follow a ship by double-clicking it.

Sorry for the confusion, I am trying to be as clear as possible and somehow I am still not being clear. I know that you are supposed to be able to follow a ship by double clicking it, the bug is that it doesn't work half the time. Often I have to click the ship 3-4 or even 5 times before it follows.

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I have the same issue when grouping the ships and then double tapping the group number. For instance I will group my flagship in group 1 by selecting it and pressing ctrl+1. Then when I double tap 1 nothing happens. I will have to hit the 1 button 3-4 times as fast as I can to get the screen to jump to my flagship.

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WTF Why isn't that email on the how to report bugs and crashes post? I even posted an email explicitly stating I had crashes to report and didn't know where to send them and no one replied.

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I agree with everything here. Nid assault boats are amazing when they work. But I had to stop playing Nids cause a few smart counters from the enemy and all of a sudden I have no weapons for the rest of the match... Speaking of, Nid firepower is incredibly weak, my hiveship regularly looses shooting battles to chaos cruisers. Any way, I love the idea of making nid ordnance more apparent on the GUI, probably a good idea to have ordnance show up on the mini map as well, but yeah people who complain about the nid ordnance are complaining about one of the easiest to counter features of the game.

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Gotta disagree with the last point here. Often I find going after points is the only way to counter eldar/dark-eldar, and if you made the point victory any faster the eldar would have a huge advantage in even that, since they have faster ships and can typically get the points fast in the beginning but they can't hold em, and by the time they kill the ship I put on each point, the battle is mine (even though they kill all my ships).

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Not only is harpy spam not broken, it's incredibly weak. There are multiple ways to counter this and since the nid player is limited to 3 harpies and 3 brood uses per ship he has to use them amazingly well or loose them. Obviously if you don't try to avoid, kill off, or counter the harpies and broods then you will die, but you can't blame that on anyone but yourself. The easiest (though not the best way) to deal with harpies is just to keep your ships close together, make sure about 1/3 of your fleet has launch bays and use fighters on your own ships. The best way to deal with them is to have the targeted ship run circles around your other ships, and let the combine turrets take em out. Also remember that the brace for impact stance increases turret efficiency making 2-3 ships together pretty much immune to ordinance of any sort.

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Doesn't seem to affect whether I can move the mouse out of the game or not. I am playing "windowed" with 2 monitors.

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The "How to report a bug or crash" thread tells us:

"Please pack it all together in a .rar or .zip file (using Winrar or 7-zip for example) and attach it to your post. If it's too big, you may use an external file host such as wetransfer or dropbox."

But when trying to attach a .rar file to the post the site says:

"Invalid file type. Allowed types are: .png, .jpg, .bmp, .pdf, .doc, .gif, .jpeg"

Please allow .rar & .zip files as this will increase the quality of data you will receive

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Haven't seen anyone mention this one yet.

Sometimes when I double click on a ship it moves my screen right to it. Sometimes it doesn't. If I keep clicking it will eventually reorient the camera, so I thought I was just having issues with my mouse, but I have since ruled that out. Also it seems to become much more frequent when there is a lot of action or near the end of the match when there is a lot of stuff floating around.

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[0_1544160056515_Crashes.rar](Uploading 100%)

Let me know where to send the rar file

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Switching it to windowed mode seems to have fixed it.

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After matches end I am getting stuck on a black screen. Music plays as normal but just hangs on black. I have 2 monitors.

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Capitulated a game vs AI and got stuck in a black screen.

Edit: After winning a game vs the AI I am experiencing the same black screen. Going to try the resolution fix.

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@dode74 said in Apo no injury issue:

It would have been interesting to see if he had come on at the end of the drive.

Dang, should have thought of that

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I see a similar issue is currently the top comment but I felt my issue is different enough to warrant a new thread.

Kickoff rolled throw rock, my thrower went down, dead... Use my apothecary, roll a 1+3 = no cas, pick the no cas, but thrower doesn't go to sideline instead he goes to injury box. So I concede (early game and I am too wigged out by this glitch to play), check my team and there he is, no injury no death. While I am happy he didn't die, taking him out of the game was a big deal and I had bought an extra apo just for such an event. This could have certainly changed the outcome of the game as it took out one of my key players.

Here is a screen cap:


I have saved all my files in but can't upload them here.

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