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@tattoo not sure if this will help. personally i've given up on 'graphic enhancers'. i either don't see much of a difference, or i'll start getting crashes.
hope this helps..

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has any one having to uncheck the 'center camera on truck" box?? if i use it, the zoom just keeps going and going.

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i'm very concerned, as we all are.. My thoughts and prayers are with you, get better soon.

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@8up-local __looks really cool! noticed that he's kinda got a hump-back. Great work_Rufus

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@picsoul said in SpinTiresMod How To Install and Discussion:

I don't think anyone is trying to block the mod from working on purpose.

The mod looks for SpinTiresEditor64.exe, but with this last editor update, the name was changed to just MudRunnerEditor64.exe. Therefore the mod doesn't see it. Simple fix I would imagine. 😉

is there a way to rename the folder, or rename what the Mod is looking for? i only ask because i don't know. _Rufus

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@forces hi, i got backed up and haven't been able to send the animal's to you. i'm going to send them , knowing that you are having these issues. what is the best way to get them to you, given your current circumstances? i put the files in a zip folder. (it is 37MB).. stay safe down there! __Rufus

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i looked back thru this thread, we, as a whole. have tried and done just about everything imageable to fix this recurring issue prior to a STM update, putting things back to 'normal'. this time it has been a matter of "oh well"..
i ask why won't the Devs just offer a stable ver of a STM from them? They HAVE to see just how popular this mod is? "oh well".....

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when someone puts up a post at ___ (as i'm watching the thread)..
and my reply is relevant. then,
__when i come back to the thread a little later... there are or 4 other posts in between me and the first person. and due to my post getting moved in the thread, the can kinda make me feel ..
__does this happen to other people?
__it's happened to me few times, and it's a little embarrassing. Any Feedback would be great thank you _rufus

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@forces great i'll put it all together and get it to you after work.. thank you my friend!

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