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@spun _ Well Said! _ it's all about the little details__Rufus

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did anyone else get a 124.7MB [labeled] as an update, for their editor?? just opened my EDITOR and it had reset to ZERO..

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@mexican_420 said in Mud Runner PC Specs List (Player,Mod Maker,Map Maker):

MR should fly on that rig, dude. Beats mine by a fair bit and I get higher fps. I'd say something else is buggered and causing your fps to drop...

__Hi Mexican, I think that the gpu only being rated @ 0.5gb, is a huge part of it.. i can't change it either, it's built in , on the board..

@Forces , should i open the side cover and check the temps of certain parts,???

thank you guy's _rufus

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this is my pc,
_ in game with Everything turned Off in the game settings, And all settings in windows are at the absolute lowest. and i'll get 20 to 25fps at best , just with default settings- 5 to 7fps. so i don't really know how good the game actually looks, i have to keep the gpu slider off, and the cpu slider at 1/2.
_I use CS5 Illustrator and photoshop (64bit) ..
_i haven't figured out 3dmax, or blender.. i have all of the other the recommended software, i just can't figure any of it out. and a 100Mbps cable internet connection..
_i think everything else is in the screenshot??
0_1542391259883_Specs.JPG 0_1542391312410_specs 2.JPG

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@Forces , hi, (off topic) with you being in south america, i'd like to get first hand information, so here is the Million Dollar(or stupid) Question-- What way does water spin when it goes down the drain? clockwise? counter clockwise? every drian i have checked is always CCW. just curious _RUFUS
(ps i have checked online and the answer is 50/50, for CW or CCW. it has to be one or another)

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are we able to use mods from other games?? for instance, FS-17, amer/euro truck sim, ect. I don't play them since i started trying to make a map, (that i feel is worthy, to submit)
but i do see mods from one game, in another from time to time.
more of a 'just wondering question' _RUFUS

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@pronoob145 said in Realistic texture mods i make:

Looks very good, do you want to let download your graphics mod. I will be very happy.

hi, did you notice that this post is from a year ago? It got me too, i was looking forward it's release.. Until I looked further into it _RUFUS

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my game is now in chinese or some other oriental text.. i can't find anything to cause this.. i think it has to be a map/mod. please help _RUFUS

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@tattoo the night tab, on the in-game STmod window, is what i use. i have not had any luck with the 'day adjust sliders' in settings. In appdata for STmod you can check/change the recallability of mods, not sure if it is working properly since the DLC.. hope that helps..
My game is now in Chinese, or some other oriental text.. even the STmod window is this way
_any thoughts out there?? _RUFUS

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