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@tattoo thank you Tattoo for sharing!!

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@wrangmog: agreed
@bigboyzback: if you look at the proving ground dev menu and the STMod, they do the same exact things, less the "cheats", so I would assume that it wouldn't be much effort to offer those features, in the game. actually they are already in the game, just sequestered to the proving ground map.
_I would like to hear the Devs Thoughts and Reasons for not offering it. I know, there's a better chance of Dodge making worthy truck, Before we hear from Them. didn't mean to say that out loud😺

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@forces i've been crawling' around in the 47, and it is a very nice build. very surefooted, power /gearing spot on. and she looks good doing it... Rufus

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@chris-nelson- thanks for jumping in Fuzball, i agree that with the recent changes in the Editor, things are not the same, and they are changing a little bit w/ each update. but that doesn't take away from the awesomeness of your work!😺

_ this has been a question for me, The Terrain BRUSH. is there any way to adjust the fade-blend amount? I find a sharper/softer edge would be great, at times.

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@picsoul the 'seed' thing, For me it does not allow that value to be changed. I attempted to on several different distributions. hoping you could offer a little advice, on how you got it to accept a value change??? ANY HELP WITH THIS IS APPRECIATED,

from 'Fuzzball's Editor Guide' (not suggesting that the info is wrong, at all. it just doesn't work for me)
"Plants are distributed randomly up to the mapped density. (There's no reason to use the Randomize checkbox for density because it will just decrease the average density.) Since the random distribution is not drawn and is therefore out of your control, the editor seeds the random function with a fixed value which you can control. This value is kept in the Seed property."
_ I'm fairly familiar with the workings with the editor, and I have not seen/found the 'Seed' property anywhere expect in the, Scene side menu drop down in a map.
0_1550676266299_Scene menu.JPG

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@RoughRider : i agree it is really tough to get back to 'standard size' w/ the scale option.
_some other things i do
_I use the common/brushes xml to make more across the board changes in scale and the density of items in a dist. (i use it a lot actually) .
_I find for ex: 'ferns' 'canes' 'mud chunks' etc, etc. to be a little heavy overall (amount of) for my liking, and turn down (or up) the 'plants per block' for the asset. i usually change the placement of the street lamps so they are not so far from the overlay (road), and the distance between poles. looks more real to me.
_and so on..

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@forces what a super clean build! The interior goes without saying. I really like this one Forces! 👍

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thanks Mex! it doesn't say this but do I have to load all outside Mods into the (classes, texture, mesh) folders? Manually?

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i have been making maps for over a year now. i haven't put any up yet, because i just can't figure out how to package up the map(s), using outside models..
EX. when i see a nice model pack, i DL it, and add it to the editor Media folder, in the proper sub-folders. Okay, they show up in the Model dropdown in the Editor, and i can place them in the map, with no problems.
However, once i publish it it shows up in all the right places, (if i Do Not use any outside models) it will open and play as expected.
As soon as i add any other models to the map, i get " the missing or broken error". if i go back and delete all the outside models it will play just fine.. [it even gives the missing broken error in the proving ground]..
I've read just about every tut on saving your maps, and I'm just not getting something..
i have been reluctant to ask about this, it being what appears to be such a basic and simple part of mapping.
So i come to everyone asking for help, with packing my maps properly..
thank you in advance _RUFUS

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@mexican_420 . hi, are you trying to make the snorkel something you add in the garage??
because i just played a truck that had add-on snorkel, not sure if that is related to this at all.

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