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i have been making maps for over a year now. i haven't put any up yet, because i just can't figure out how to package up the map(s), using outside models..
EX. when i see a nice model pack, i DL it, and add it to the editor Media folder, in the proper sub-folders. Okay, they show up in the Model dropdown in the Editor, and i can place them in the map, with no problems.
However, once i publish it it shows up in all the right places, (if i Do Not use any outside models) it will open and play as expected.
As soon as i add any other models to the map, i get " the missing or broken error". if i go back and delete all the outside models it will play just fine.. [it even gives the missing broken error in the proving ground]..
I've read just about every tut on saving your maps, and I'm just not getting something..
i have been reluctant to ask about this, it being what appears to be such a basic and simple part of mapping.
So i come to everyone asking for help, with packing my maps properly..
thank you in advance _RUFUS

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@mexican_420 . hi, are you trying to make the snorkel something you add in the garage??
because i just played a truck that had add-on snorkel, not sure if that is related to this at all.

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@PiX3LMonkey "The standard editor just cannot resolve those without corrupting my terrains. I think i'd have to just start making massive swamps. 🙂"

........🐊 bring on the swamp's 🐊.....Tracked Vehicle support back, so why not?......
I prefer to build thru the Mod as well_Rufus

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@PiX3LMonkey i lost the editor as well. which is IMO just as, useful then the in game features. if not more for myself

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@RoughRider hi guys, what is the "chart" i'm looking at? is this what an opened .exe file looks like?

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oh i'm not sure if i came across wrong, i love the cars and vans.. heck, my profile pic is your yellow dodge catching air..
__We even had a chevy monza 2+2 on a CJ5 chassis, in my senior year (1985). my friends and i being pretty green with mutant builds, had a little problem with the body staying put on the frame. but what a blast!
__To be young again, and to know what i do now.. RUFUS
PS: that '?vee drive?' is insane. .

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damn, i could always use a good laugh.. why did you delete the vid? from what it sounds like it would of made a good episode of "The World's Dumbest Modders"..

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global recognition, 👍 👍 0_1548345861622_force19mods.JPG

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@pix3lmonkey said

It still works in the game but not the editor

i have the opposite results, the editor is working, but not the game, weird.
_and after trying all of the fixes listed,
_to include like you've done (pix3lmonkey) i wiped all mudruner files out . the game , the editor, the Mod. killed all the appdata files as well.And I Did a search, (c:)drive, of all of the mudrunner names i could think of, and deleted all those too..
__reinstalled it all, and all my maps are fine, (no third party models)..
__ the Editor is working.
_the only way the game mod is working is in offline mode. and no matter what combo i use , the Mod Enabler is not showing any files in it. which leads me to believe that the Mod is not linking with the Workshop or steam at all..
__Could someone that has it 'working' please attach screen shots of the placement of the files. and of the finished results. there are just way too many combos of information out there, i'm really curious as to what is considered working, and to what extent of working (if your able use the step recorder to layout the process, it would be a big plus)..
__i have joined a few of the russian groups, and follow them as best as possible with google translate. and it seems that the mod is dead for the time being.

edit: just saw that both the game and the editor were updated 1-23-2019
675010 Game Spintires: MudRunner about 23 hours ago
716020 Tool Spintires: Mudrunner - Editor a day ago

Pavel [developer] 7 hours ago
Incredible work, super impressive! Very well written! I can't promise any major updates to the Editor, but if there are any small things that will make it better, let me know!

xxxxxxx [author] 6 hours ago
Thank you for your kind words, Pavel. I saw that at least a couple of issues in the Editor were fixed in this morning's update, so I can tell that you're still on the job. 🙂 But since you ask for "small things", here is one: right now it is too easy to accidentally select "Reload" instead of "Rebuild Terrain" in the context menu. A confirmation dialog on Reload would be helpful. 🙂

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@smaronenine i'd like to throw in,__that was a pretty ( 💩 ) statement.. i for one enjoy using, and are grateful that >force19mods< are willing to share their work. even if it's just 'cars'🚗

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