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@sloppyslingers the reason that Mudrunner is a 'refurbish of the original' is because.... That's what it was meant to be. It was an attempt to restart the game with a new publisher, who actually cares about their games, unlike the publisher of Spintires.

That's literally the reason why it's basically the same game: Because it IS. The original publisher forced the developer to stop working on it because they didn't want to support the game anymore, and so the dev went to someone else who WOULd support the game.

And if you think about it, most simulation-type games like this which are part of a series are basically refubishes of the previous game.

Farming Simulator does the same thing.

Honestly, most video games do the same thing.

So, really, that complaint is a complaint about the entire media form, not just a specific game.