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I was unable to create a new Eternal League last night, I was told that I had reached the limit, but I don't have any, so there's nothing for me to delete (any teams I had in solo leagues were deleted ages ago, and I don't see a place to delete solo leagues, if this is something that has to be done separately from just deleting the teams). I'm on PS4.

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Thanks for the response - I have both the PC and PS4 versions, I'm going to make a leap and assume that they take about the same amount of data.

Actually...if I'm using my phone as a hotspot, I believe there's a way to track that right on my phone. I'll give it a shot and report back...

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Has anyone ever played on PS4 using a mobile hotspot? If so, how much data does a game of Blood Bowl use? I'm thinking it can't be much, but I'd like to hear if anyone has any hard data on the data. Thanks!

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