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I DID have both the dmg and the armor perf mods on, ofcourse there was a dmg increase but the hellfire,redemption,spear and flamer will just outperform the bolter in almost every situation.

Luckily there is no need to even equip the Crozius Arcanum as a chaplain, so you can use the SoB/Flamer/Redemption over the bolter, and that is probably why you see the majority of the chaplains using spear or the flamer (atleast that is how my games have been)

if they added 20 armor perf and extra 50-100% bolter dmg from the perk, it might be viable on tactical and apothecary

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Have anyone else went for a fully upgraded Bolter/Bolter MK. II ?
playing on Lion's sword difficulty mostly

Storm bolter dmg barrel (x% seems to be more than 20% ?)
20% ranged dmg perk

any other weapon feels superior even unmodded.

storm Bolter dmg barrel
20% ranged dmg perk
20 points of armor perforation special perk

can't really tell any change compared to the chaplain tbh, still feels very bad compared to hellfire/redemption that will just 1 shot most things. I can see that stats on the Storm Bolter, but it doesn't feel like it performs any better.

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