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Sadly, it doesn't seem to work for me..
Any insight into if this is being looked at Devs?.. Other than asking for oppolo's technical specs and asking him to test without controller plugged in (Which he's done) You haven't responded..
Might I suggest in the short term that you could try adding some kind of 'Controller disabled in menus' option? or perhaps point us in the direction of a controller config file so we can have a tinker and see what we can do? The community in general often have some sharp programmers amongst them that can often point out glaringly obvious mistakes or solutions that those who have worked hard on the game might have missed..

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Anyone else tried the above workaround and got it working?

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I have the same problem.. Running a Fanatec wheel and pedals (Pedals connected seperately and not into wheel base)
There is a conflict between controller input and mouse movement.. Any slight input from the controller is interfering with the mouse.. have tried unticking 'Use as primary controller' and for a moment the mouse settles, but it seems to re-assign itself as primary soon after.

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