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Hello I preordered the game for console and have been having a blast with it since the release. I believe most of us on console understand that pc is the main focus atm which makes sense. We are just hoping down the road months from now we will get some dlc vehicles although I'm sure as always easier said than done. Anyways just want to say thank you for bringing this game to console and ask do you have any plans to eventually bring any dlc vehicles aka the modded trucks to console?

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@89cherokeelimit that's the issue people need to buy the game to help fund mods for console that's how most games die is because the company doesn't listen to the customers or they don't have the funding to do what the customers want because they won't buy the game until it's out with w.e. it is they want.

I belive they know without mods there game will not make it on console I mean that what kept it alive on p.c. I think we will get Mods as long as enough people buy the game.

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@jon Pretty much I think if enough people ask for it though we will get mods or at least some dlc.

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I agree I think having dlc content that has moded trucks will make or brake this game if we don't see anything come to us after a couple months this game will fall off the edge of the map it's in my opinion the main reason people are buying for consoles is in the hope that we will see some type of dlc with moded trucks.
Yes will all know they haven't promised mods for console at any point but it would make sense to work on it.


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They definitely need to add mods to console at some point in time and I understand you have to buy the game to help provide funds for the things we want and although I think the game will survive without mods I think they will be missing out on a huge market if they dont. I believe if they have any common sense they will find away to figure something out for mods on console but I'm not confident that it will definitely come to us in this one we may not see mods on Xbox an Playstation until the next game but only time will tell but if enough people ask for it then we should get mods eventually.