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With stadiums having a potential effect on match results, it's assumed that home/away matches would automatically be distributed as evenly as possible in a league. But at least for round-robin, that is not the case. There are several examples in our league of a team getting 6 or 3 home matches (instead of 4 or 5, which would be as even as is possible).

I'm assuming this is a bug. If it isn't, consider this a suggestion to change it so that the distribution is even. Thank you.

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Hello! We've all been playing for a while and some of us have quite a lot of teams. With the awkward sidescrolling lists, it gets annoying to repeatedly have to flip through a bunch of old teams to find the active teams (and no, I don't want to delete them).

Here's a simple solution: Allow us to tag teams as "resting", which will put them in a separate tab in "team and league management," and hide them in the "Play in a league" section!

Thank you!

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I can understand why you might want to filter out obvious expletives like f**k and so on, but the filter has some strange words in it. I've run across some odd instances where it has picked up on parts of a name and very mild versions of "dirty" language. But the latest example takes the cake.

In the OCC, we've been naming our competitions by season (S1, S2, etc.). We have to recreate them every season for the stats to work and it's easier to identify them that way. But this season, that won't work, because apparently, S5 is some obscure reference to a person's anus.

That's just silly.

I will work around this, but it's the kind of frustration that I'd rather not be dealing with.

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Our stockpile of reserves has run out so there's a good chance you get to play if you head to our forums and sign-up now.

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I was given a bribe by kickoff event and went in for a foul with my thrower. The ref noticed it, but when the bribe screen popped up, it closed almost immediately.

The strange thing is, a friend says he just started spectating the game, and that HE clicked the 'ok' button right away when the bribe screen came up. Could be unrelated, but then again it seems an odd coincidence.

I've heard of someone else complaining their bribe screen timer was cut short, but do not know about any spectators in that game.

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Two more days left to sign up!

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The Orca Cola Championship has run 37 seasons in Blood Bowl, and its 4th season in Blood Bowl 2 is about to begin!
Season 3 featured 170 coaches battling it out in seven tiers.

We're an EU-based league but we accept coaches from all over the world who are willing to adapt to generally accepted EU hours.

Some brief info:

  • Divisions of 10 play round-robin
  • One match per week for 9 weeks
  • Sign-ups close September 20th (midnight UTC)
  • No ageing and no market
  • All stadium upgrades are permitted
  • 4-minute turns
  • Top tier finishers win Steam games

Serious applicants only. You will be expected to plan your matches in a timely manner, show up, and play them to completion, regardless of the shape of your team or how Nuffle treats you.

If you want to sign up, head over to our forums!

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We love the new match management tools!

What would be great adition for perpetual leagues would be the capacity to re-apply the Missing Next Game status to any player that already has it when managing matches. That's not currently possible because you can't modify players that weren't in the match.

It would be a great feature as it would allow us to discourage coaches to dodge matches in order to heal their players in a way that's fair to everyone.

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I think the only reason to release another game would be to make it completely moddable - cosmetics, mechanics, the works - with Steam workshop compatibility (and possibly a marketplace for creators and Cyanide to earn money). Blood Bowl has a community that loves to get involved and to tinker with the game, and Cyanide have shown that they are finally understanding this, which is a great sign!

But if I was going to buy another full game to play Blood Bowl - not to mention do another whole league switch - then the new game has to offer things way above and beyond what the old one does.

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