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The M14's magazine can be seen clipping through the right side of the gun during a speed reload. Can this get fixed soon?

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Anyone know what is going on?

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I just realized on that pic above, the lady is holding her gun left handedly. Will that be a feature later on? I am left handed and having the option to play left handed would be awesome.

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Anyone else having trouble with getting dropped into the same map right after completing it? Or how about being put into a match where you don't even get to spawn, or if you do it's to fight the last counterattack? I'm starting to get real irritated by matchmaking.

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Some of my buddies experienced this and my arms keep being invisible.

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I think the suppressor might affect the Mosin's TTK a bit. I was playing and I hit several people (I'm fairly sure it was CoM) and they didn't go down. I wasn't surprised when the guy I shot in the leg to make him move didn't die, but several long range shots, which, again, I'm fairly sure found the CoM of their target, didn't bring them down. I used a suppressor on all of them.

Edit: whoops forgot to mention this was in PvP.

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@vengefulmosquito I know, but it's not like they have the exact models of any Vietnam era weapons.

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Moreover, me and some friends decided to play some American soldiers fighting in the Vietnam War earlier and so we were using stripped down guns from that time period/as close as we could get. (I.e. M16A2, FAL, SKS, AKM(as a placeholder for the AK-47), G3A3, M870, Browning HP, and M1911) I ended up using the M16A2 as a rifleman a lot and found that I almost never needed to fire more than one burst as I generally would land at least one, but usually all three shots, which, contrary to @Whitby accusation about a lack of damage, did the trick to bring them down. Only when the very tight quarters led to my use of hipfire instead of the very restrictive iron sights did that change.

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@whitby said in Dmg values are broken - Needs fixing ASAP:


MP7 is a 5+ hit kill weapon in practice aiming centre mass due to rounds in the spray hitting extremities. MP7 is an 8 hit kill weapon in the foot or a one hit kill in the head. Without a headshot, it's a little over 5 hits for a kill (on average, in reality, not laboratory conditions).

M16 is on average around 3.2 hits to kill, factoring in ingame mechanics and accounting for human variation. Sometimes bullets hit places other than the torso. In Call of Duty, it's pretty much the exact same due to the differences in modifiers. This is interchangably CoD TTK with the M16, there is no noteworthy statistical difference between the two at all. Unless CoD is "high lethality", this isn't. Just say it, you want CoD TTK. Nail your flag to your mast so we can tidily categorise your viewpoint without being pedantic.

Wait hang on a second, the guns in CoD are infinitely easier to control. In practice, it's easier to put people down in CoD with an M16. In practice, CoD has a lower TTK because of this.

I think the MP7 is fine. When I fire a 5-round burst I get one kill, but when I fire a 3-round burst I still get the one kill and two bullets more than when I fire the 5 rounds because I am in more control with the shorter burst. Use a compensator dude. The MP7 has I think the highest horizontal recoil of all the guns which makes keeping on target hard in a different way. Just gotta get used to it.

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I've been having problems with the wrong reloads playing. Particularly when doing a speed reload.