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I dont know if it was just me but the game quality when you looked into a scope was very bad on distance.
Will this be fixed? or will it be better in the final game? if not its not good.

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Wenn du einen Community Discord rund um Insurgency Sandstorm suchst, neue Leute sucht um in Squads zusammen zu spielen oder du einfach nur einem DISCORD SERVER beitreten willst... bist du hier richtig!

Einfach die Regeln durchlesen, über den BOT verifizieren und schon hast du Zugriff zum öffentlichen Bereich bestehend aus GAMING-, RANKED- und TALKCHANNELS, sowie textchats für Self Promotion (streams, youtube, etc.), youtubelinks und off-topic!

weiters gibt es gesonderte Bereiche für Streamer und VIPs...

Weitere Infos findest du am Discord Server selbst, oder benachrichtigte mich über DISCORD wenn du FRAGEN hast:
zR Y Z Ξ N#1337

0_1534364873488_Screenshot_1.png image url)

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@best-waifu said in Esports?:

@mr-pink said in Esports?:

Firefight E-Sports can be something fresh and new, the gamemode is already proven well compwise (DGL/ESL/etc). If just the game itself gets better 🙂

I understand what you mean, but look at Overwatch. It's match settings are somewhat equal between teams. Yet it is not considered a true e-sport because of that. IS is unequal in match settings, so it cannot be a esport. That doesn't mean it won't have tournament and highly competitive and active teams like overwatch. It just mean it will never be considered as a true esport. For that you need the match conditions to be equal like in Starcraft.

"Yet it is not considered a true e-sport because of that"

Waait whaaat? Whats with the official OW LEAGUE? thats e-sports for me man...

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