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Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast.
You fail more easily when you try to speed things up.
I guess in real life and death battle people don't want to miss any reload, so they prefer slow and steady reloads.
Youtube Video – [00:20..]

In Sandstorm the reload speed is a 'walking' reload speed(you can walk while reloading), which is supposed to be slower than a standing still reload speed.
For me, the normal reload(tactical reload) in Sandstorm is too fast.
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In game characters don't spend time on putting back old magazines and pulling out new magazines when doing normal reload(tactical reload).
The normal reload in Sandstorm actually looks like a speed reload in another style. And a normal reload is almost as fast as a speed reload.
-1 for making a game more tactical.
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You can long press 'R' to check the magazine/ammo count, but the mag/ammo count shows whenever you switch guns(faster and easier).
-1 for making a game more tactical.

Because of
1.ammo/mag count shows easily.
2.normal reload is almost as fast as speed reload.
, a players who is good at estimating how much ammo left in the magazine on his gun doesn't get much advantage, which makes this game more arcady/not kill based/mindless.
Knowing when to reload is a big thing in Insurgency2(source), but it's a childplay in Sandstorm.
-1 for making a game more tactical.

From what I see, devs wanted to put some tactical elements in their games, but they did it poorly. Sandstorm is more like a tacticool game for me.

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*With this kind of firepower(100/200 rounds), the price of LMGs should be 10 supply points.
*Use the stamina system to limit running distance. Players who carry heavy gears/guns run out of stamina more easily.

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Tkers can hurt but not kill teammates to avoid kick. This happends all the time in Insurgency2(soruce).
Even getting kicked, tkers can simply join back to any server they want and keep tking.
These are my ture experiences. Kicks simple don't work.

Tkers stop tking simply becasue they are satisfied, not because of kicks.
You can try to hurt/kill teammates on Insurgency2(source) official servers for a whole night, to see if kicks can really stop you.

The penalty for hurting/killing temmates needs to be ' instant', 'automatic', and 'painful' to be effective.

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In Insurgency2(source), I often sacrifice AP for suppressors/explosives/scopes.
I don't care about removing AP from Sandstorm, but I can't understand their reason.
They said AP rounds are too powerful, players always use AP rounds(not true).
They can simple adjust the power of AP rounds or make them more expensive, so players won't always use AP rounds.
When there are more than 1 ways to balance AP rounds, their reason is not logical.

Another problem for me is that they used the same reason to remove drum magazines from PVP.
I think they should limit drum magazines available to featureless classes, not remove them entirely from PVP.

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