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Aaaaaah, thanks a lot for that... I did feel this forum to be a bit empty... moving to Steam then! Cheers!

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I was wondering what differences there are between Space Marine chapters when it comes to the card decks, so I collected all the cards for every character. Here they are:

alt text

What I have picked up from the cards alone (not tested yet):

The first card on every character depends on the chosen weapon (where possible).

Blood Angels: good at close combat (duh!). Sergeant and Librarian almost mandatory, Assault good, Apo optional, could do without a Heavy, although some cards let your termies walk through fire so a heavy flamer could be nice.

Dark Angels: good shooting and excellent Librarian (must-pick). Sergeant and Assault might be better with bolters but not must-picks, Apo has some nice cards, Heavy with plasma will shoot for days.

Space Wolves: good at close combat, but better in packs. I would bring Sergeant Librarian and Apo, and potentially ditch the Heavy in favour of 2 Assaults. Sergeant has the only +5AP convert card for Space Marines.

Ultramarines: good at range and at drawing lots of cards. Many cards provide immunity to jams/malfunction. Sergeant not a must-pick, Librarian and Apo look good, Assault better with a bolter, Heavy is alright.

I hope this helps someone! If nothing else, it did help me. Lots of testing to do now... Have fun!

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Hi all, quick question: are people in the multiplayer beta playing Ranked or Public? I've queued for more than 10 minutes on each but couldn't find a game... or is it just a question of low player numbers?


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