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me and my allie are the last 2 players on the map and nothing happens - in the end i kill my teammate to confirm if my theorie that we are the only ones left is true and it is.
Bonus: wolf matriach falling through ground around 3.00 (no audio but i could hear the heart of the wolf underground 3.25)
sry no audio
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So, will any admin/dev reply to this?

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I feel bad for this game, it is fun, but...
In my opinion the game in its next update (if there will be one) have to further optimize the game - i am talking stable fps at all times (atleast 60), reduce the lag and make the game less sloppy overall. There is no need for new stuff when the game is performing poorly - get the game fixed, don't add new stuff - that is what needs to be done!
I assume that Focus Home are sponsors/investors so i assume that they are responsible for advertising (but seeing pretty much no ads makes me think that Vostok is controlling this (from the experience of Survarium)) and they need to start doing that! I understand that it all costs money and Focus is not very interested in using more money on a possible failure, but if they don't then the game is done. It is not for me to decide, but i think that posting 1 video on YT won't attract a ton of players. If there will be no ads - GG 😞
I hope that i can get an update here from you guys on what is happening now and the future that you are predicting for this game.

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The bug is pretty simple - you are forced to stand up after firing a shot from sniper if you are crouching

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@commanderp Exactly, they just have to keep working on the game, Thats it.

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Dude, if Vostok would just make the game run smoothly, make the game more beautiful and do a lot more polishing, the players would come. Because from all that i've seen on youtube it is always problems with the game running properly. They don't need to make the game simpler, just make it an amazing experience.

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Oh my... It is still in the game

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As you can clearly see oxygen isn't depleting while in radiated areas and anomalies - I think it gets bugged from picking them up from killed players, also this has happend with the wolf hearth - normal wolfs still attack me although i got it.
Please look into it.

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1/4 - Dude, check what the game is - it is a post-apocalyptic game where you fight for survival in destroyed wasteland - which means that there is not supposed to be much loot. If you had watched the launch trailer you would have noticed that you need to survive by any means necessary - which means that you cant sit in the bush in evacuation phase with an smg, because you won't get the guy of the rope. This game is it is pretty clear about taking RISKS and if you don't want to then it is your problem. You're saying that that you are a ''Survival professional'', and survival kinda means dealing with what you can and you can't even deal with the surplus of stuff that already is here. It would not be very survivailish if you had everything on demand. I understand about admins being nice, because they have to, but i don't. And if you don't see it while playing the game, then i don't know whats wrong with you. If there is anyone to blame about the state of the game - it is Vostok - by not having the game in the much expected state - all they need to do is polish the game and punish people like you (not literally, but in game space - you just won't win) and when the polishing is done start massively advertising + introduce more RISKS. And if you don't understand that then sorry, but i won't stand bullshit like yours.
2 - Whats wrong with the chopper? It is a RISK that you take. If you wanted chopper to pull you up in 1.3 miliseconds then it would not be very RISKY don't you think? And that is what it is all about- this game is about taking RISKS (as i explained in 1st part).
3 - If you would have read the patch notes you would have see the reason why the number was reduced. If there were as much cars as before, imagine how you would loot now, when every 3 seconds an enemy duo comes in and messes you up.
5 - Wolfs - They are a core mechanic of this game. If they would like like you said they would never be a problem. And alerting a bunch of wolfs would not be a RISK. If you hate the wolfs then kill a wolf matriach and take her hearth - it is that simple + it is once again a RISK - spend ammo to kill 4 wolfs, but never have a wolf problem again OR don't spend ammo to kill wolfs and increase your chance of getting screwed by them in the late game and that is the RISK factor that you choose. Also learn to aim for the head, and they will die fast.

In conclusion this game is all about RISKS and if you have problem with the difficulty with the game, then learn to play (aka taking RISKS). This game is difficult and every game has it (ex. Fortnite - you won't get nowhere if you can't build for shit) and there's always something different in each one.
Message to Vostok Games - great game, needs a lot of polishing and bug fixes and new RISKS etc. - then, when it will be done - here comes the money rain 🙂
@NorteX - Think befor make a post like this ok?

@nortex said in Your last chance, and you fail so hard? Some tips from a Survival Professional:

You CENSORED your own game sorry - I was in the earliest beta and it was the same shit like now. You fixed some bugs - NICE! BUT....

Read carefully and try to act fast because if you dont do it fast, your game will not survive and will die out:

  1. Put more LOOT in the spots and when you put weapons, put more ammo that 1 magazine. Sometimes you try to loot a village and you go out without anything - and if you were lucky to find a weapon you dont even have found armor!
  2. Debug the helicopter and your last zone - The last zone does damage at the moment so WTF?! Are u stupid? This is not realistic and not playable - And the helicopter: Why do I have to press about 10 seconds my "use" key to climb up? This is stupid - Change this.
  3. Put more cars in the game - I remember the first time I played your invitational beta there were more cars. Put them back in that mid amount that you did in the beginning.
  4. LESS RADIOACTIVE CITIES - Wow....when I dont find loot in a village I try to travel to bigger city and WOW u know what? There is radioactivity and I still have no loot. Do less radioactive cities and change the radioactive status after some time.
  5. Your Wolves...the clue of this battle royale...When I shoot a wolve 3 times in the head HE HAS TO BE DEAD!!! No excuses for that. If I was lucky to find a weapon with some shots in it I need them all to kill at least 1 WOLVE (ONE!!!!!) - When there are more wolves I am doomed...

Your game has much potential, nice ideas but HEY, STOP DESTROYING IT - The named changes are fast to make and you can EASY save your game with them - Think about it, dont let your game die!

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  1. Make a message appear when your squad member is knocked, because i have lost many good soldiers only because i didn't notice that they were knocked down
  2. Make a message appear telling that you have knocked down an enemy player. It is quite ridiculous when you don't know if the enemy is knocked or not.

It should not be that hard. Hope to see this soon 🙂

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