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Now i live in South Africa and best servers for me were EU. Prior to Nov 8th my ping was constantly about 190ms - 220ms, now since the update my ping varies between 270ms - 310ms. Yeah. That and ping is only rarely hitting 30ish.
any one else experiencing these issues?

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@maa_bunny said in Suggestion: Windowed Magazine Attachment:

Also, just cutting a window into the side of a normal mag, which is what both AK examples look to be, is not a great idea. It's a great way to end up with a mag full of sand and mud and jam up the gun.

We... we talking bout some 'o dat sweet, sweet FarCry 2 jamming?

alt text

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I like that idea and can see a legitimate implementation of a mechanic like this and to help this across there are plenty real world examples.
alt textG36 Mags
alt text AK74 Mags
alt textAR15 Mags
This also doesn't necessarily have you be applied to all weapons, thereby having an impact on player weapon choice.

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Yes. Just prior launch the Beta Accounts will be reset but depending on how far you progressed prior to launch, you'll get half of your earned credits upon reset as well as some bonus Beta Tester exclusives.
Quote from NEW BETA UPDATE – NOVEMBER 8TH - Jonny Higgins:
"Although player profiles will be reset before launch, as previously announced, we decided that Beta testers will be rewarded with an exclusive tattoo cosmetic along with additional cosmetic appearance credits at launch. We can now clarify that the additional Day 1 credit boost for beta testers will be equivalent to 50% of the appearance credits you earned during the beta, rather than a flat amount. Essentially, the more you play the beta, the larger your carry over into release will be."

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@gsg_9_lightning said in Dynamic Objectives and Classes:

Awsome ideas ! Thumps up !
But i think only modders can make your suggestions reality for Insurgency:Sandstorm.
For sure the standard game principle won´t be changed until release in December.
But who knows what the developers can do in the coming years. There might be some real surprises in the future.

Personally I could see the game going a similar direction to Warframe or Killing Floor 2 in terms of the game constantly being updated and expanded upon in follow-up updates.

A few of your proposals are something for the next Insurgency title with focus on more reality based tactics and missions.

NWI is a young company and they might get bigger when they are successfull with Sandstorm.
As far as i know they sold over 6 Million copies of Insurgency2.
With Sandstorm they should earn enough money to be able to produce another Insurgency title with more realism,

Personally I disagree there. Ins:MIC seemed to be "hey community, here's our idea. is it viable?". Ins2 seemed as though "ok people like the game, lets try it out as a stand-alone with a layer of professional polish and cementing of the mechanics". Sandstorm could then be like KF2 "hey we've cemented gameplay, lets now expand on it".

may be an open world a la ARMA 3 or Ghost Recon:Wildlands, having destroyable furniture/buildings, all kind of drivable vehicles, civilians who make the athmosphere more intense and raise the immersion to be in a real warzone, etc..

I'd have to disagree again. I think Ins fills in its own niche, particularly the coop and its more linear layout gives it its style of gameplay. Destruction physics would be cool but i think that would the require a very time consuming low level rewrite to accommodate it as well as cutting off players that meet the minimum requirements. Civvies though, I agree that would definitely insert that added bit of realism.

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You guys are doing an absolutely bang up job! keep up the amazing work!😁

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I suppose inspiration could be drawn from the recent conflict areas such as Chechnya and Ukraine and would perfecly fall in line with your suggestion and even past ones like Yugoslavia.

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TL;DR More objective types that utilise the different Classes.

I have been playing and thoroughly enjoying the game albeit while chugging through with the performance issues and lag. However, personally i think its getting a bit monotonous.

Stock standard is the known Destroy and Capture (and Defend) and they have served the game very well mechanics wise but now with the new mechanics, there could be so many more game play opportunities.
So a basic change would be to randomise the objectives. Example being in Game 1 capture A, capture B, Destroy C. Game 2 would then instead play: capture A, destroy B, capture C.
In addition maps could be "layered" (like an onion) so each layer has an objective being in one of, say, three possible points and once that objective is completed you then move into the next objective situated in the next "layer".
The variety of missions could also be greatly improved upon. Some objectives
I think could potentially improve replayability could include:

  • Intel. Search three or so locations for intel, in the form of a document or an capturable enemy that would require the Advisor Class to translate from Farsi, that when pieced together correctly and radioed back to HQ by the Observer Class that will then lead you to the location of a WMD, Assassination target, Airstrike target or a hostage (think along the lines of the Big Oil engine puzzle from Payday 2). On top of that the end result of what you find could have different win condition e.g. if you find a WMD then you have to defend and wait for a Chinook before loading it in and flying away or if you find a hostage than you would have to extract them by loading them into the technical with your team and gunning it to an escape point.

  • EOD. A twist on standard VIP where a player plays an Explosives Tech (an extension of Demolition Class?), bomb suit and all, can only carry say a pistol and a pistol-grip shotgun, and has to be escorted by the team to a bomb where you have to use a reference chart to figure out how to disarm the bomb based on its shape, serial numbers, type of explosive etc (think along the lines of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes but not as fantastical). This could even be incorporated into Intel/WMD where you cant move it without it being set off or its been activated and is in count down all while the team is defending the tech.

  • Assassination. i got 2 variant ideas on this one. One way it could play out is good 'ol Bin Laden style, either as part of an Intel objective or it own, independent objective, you hunt 'em down, breach a room and blow a hole in the targets melon big enough for a family van to drive through (or maybe even have a little chase before repainting his walls (maybe even a car chase!0.0)). this could even be the beginning of an Intel objective where you then find documents or whatnot on the targets body. My second ideas is to then have the Sniper Class take a long range shot to eliminate the target and then exfil or continue onto the next objective.

  • Airstrike Inbound. Similar to Assassination but the Commander Class has to use the binoculars to identify landmarks of an airfield or enemy compound in the distance, reference an in-game topographical map and then relay the coordinates to the Observer who in turn radios HQ and then the strike takes out the target if the correct info was relayed.

  • Ambush. Pretty straight forward. Enemy patrol or supply vehicle is passing through your AO and it needs to be stopped.

  • Overwatch. A side objective for the Marksman and Gunner Classes where, during objective defense sequences, they have an elevated position, or other appropriate spot, where they can provided suppressing fire that causes the enemy push to slow down and prioritise cover.

  • Black Hawk Down. Pretty self explanatory, after a mission requiring a support helicopter , the heli is shot down and a rescue mission is executed to rescue the survivors if any.

  • Big Brother. Utilise the support heli to take out emplaced enemies in a building or hill top.

It would also be rather nice to see Destroy getting a new coat of paint. instead of destroying the same old tiny ammo pile how about a full armory? a couple small planes and a heli on a small makeshift airstrip? or even a fuel tanker or depot?

In addition to that, some changes could also be made to some doors to place value on the Breacher Class that can only be breached using a breaching charge or allowing them to lock pick a locked door for a quiet entry instead.

As I try to get across, there is abundance of opportunities that are available to build upon the mission structure and in doing so implement a need for even better squad communication while also differentiating and emphasising the value of roles of each Class, though admittedly some more than others as something like the Rifleman and Gunner are primarily meant to be firing at the enemy being the whole point of their class.

Another point i think is vital to the implementation of the of these changes would be to set the player up laying the objective out in a pre-mission briefing screen while having the potential for something to go wrong and completely subvert the player expectations.
So pre-mission could tell you:
Capture A
Destroy B
Intel on C, D, and E
WMD requiring EOD on F
Exfil on G

Now my suggestion would run along the lines of:
Capture A
But now theres major resistance from B and its switched to Big Brother on B in order to clear out the enemy.
Heli takes an RPG and is downed then opening to an abortion of the primary objectives and now Black Hawk Down is in effect followed by exfiltration.

Penny for your thoughts?

(will be updated)

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