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I will be specific about the location.

It was in Comp Precinct East(I think..), it's where the mid is a long stretch of road and Insurgent and Security can see each other from that mid. Speaking in Insurgents' perspective, A and C are on the left side of the mid while B is by itself on the right. There is also a long stretch of road right side of B from insurgents' perspective.

In that map(East or West, whatever it is), in front of Insurgents' A site, there are metal railing and some boxes available for you to get into A site through a broken wall straight into A. I got stuck there twice on the bottom on those metal railings but managed to get out one by spamming crouch and jump..etc.

If you could fix it, that would be awesome. Thank you.

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I agree that the currency is maybe too hard to get but it should be rewarding to get those currency rather than getting it handed to every game..

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NWI will never restrict it to 15-20. NWI gotta make money somehow.
Let's be responsible gamers and teach new gamers so this game grows.. Let's teach where good spots are what strategy we and the other team are using..
I've personally seen level 5 doing really well in comp. Maybe they played insurgency1 before.

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@snuffeldjuret In my opinion, it wouldn't be too casual. Rainbow six had good success with casual mode of comp setting. 5v5 comp can be stressful.. casual setting will be so awesome

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I’ve been playing comp. Everytime I get on comp, I kinda get stressed out when my pug team and I suck... i’ll be waiting for my 5q but then I don’t want to play versus. 5v5 firefight casual would be such a nice addition

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Bronze4,3,2,1,Silver 4,3,2,1,gold4,3,2,1,plat4,3,2,1, diamond4,3,2,1

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If NEI ever did, they should do it with certain weapons that you had 200 headshots with. Like how they did in Day Of Infamy.
I had k98 cloth wrapped and i told people I paid $100 for the skin and of course they couldn’t find a place to buy the skin lol

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When it comes to rank, we want something that hits hard. HARD AF. 1 body shot to death to unarmored enemy is what we want IMO in ranked.

Of all the people I played with in Ranked, I haven’t seen too many that equip armor because it weighs so much and waste supply points and either way it’s likely that enemies still gets killed sith 2 body shots with or without armor.

-With that said, what is your favorite gun in ranked? Specify security/insurgents
-Are you a medium distance engager or short or long?
-Do you spray or tap most of the time?
-what rank are you?

I guess It’s kinda like population survey but for my own use hehehehe

For me,

  • Mk 14 Ebr with 2x red dot or scar with 1x holo/SVD with either 2x kobra or 1.5x.
    -medium-long. Barely short.
    -tap most of the time hence i prefer guns that shoot big ole’s bullets.
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I have mixed feelings about mk14. It shoots the same bullet as g3a3 and scar but because of the velocity and penetration pwr, i prefer mk14 over those two mentioned above when it comes to semi-sniping. But if I can’t land the first shot, i’m either dead or I lose him. The follow up shots are too hard for this weapon while with SVD, they are easier.
I think it might be because of balancing?
What is your opinion?

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Not the game’s fault. It just means the game is so good everyone plays it.
Find friends in random ranked match. Climb the ladder together!