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Will be insurgency there, in the new game shop from epic ?

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Guys, game now isnt show your body (legs) when I look down right ?

Will be this feauture released?

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I nominated it for "Game of the Year." Becouse I like military shooters with low TTK.
I like aircombat simulators too (DCS World), but this year is empty for this type of games..

All other shooters sucks.. BF-5 trash, maybe COD BO IV - but it too futuristic and arcade, Squad was in 2017, WW3 - very raw....

So SandStorm in 2018 for me.

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IMHO ideal total weapon future list for our game:

for Insurgents

gold desert eagle 50AE, colt anaconda with scope, CZ-75, Luger pistol, TT Pistol, Stechkin auto pistol, judge revolver
double barrel sawed off shotgun, SPAS-12, Saiga 12, winchester 1887
P-19 Bizon, sv61 scorpion, mac-10, TAC-9, MP-38, PPSH-41, M1A1 Thompson, Beretta M12S
Machine Gun
Assault Rifle
M14 Rifle, M16A1, Colt Commando
Sniper Rifle
Mauser 98, M1 Garand, M40, Steyr Scout
Granade launcher
M79, RPG-18 "Fly"

for Security

5-7, HK MK23, Beretta 93R, Ots-27 Berdysh, Glock 18.
Submachine Guns
UMP45, MP-9, P-90, PP-19-01 Vityaz, Kriss Vector, SR-2, scorpion evo3, MP5SD, microuzi
Sniper Rifles
VSS VAL, AWM 338 Lapua Magnum, Remington 700, SOCOM 15, Heckler & Koch SR9TC, SV-98, McMillan CS5, Cheyenne Tactical M-200 Intervention
Assault Rifles
Steyr AUG, FAMAS, SG553, HK-416, AK-12, AEK971, АН-94, ACR, Galil ACE
Benelli M3, Spas-15, mossberg 500
Machine Gun
Grenade Launcher
LAW, revolver 40mm 6 rounds gas launcher
And maybe HumVee with M2 machine gun for security side...

Maybe some light smg like mac 10, microuzi and mp9 can be in pistol slot..

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Hello, I think will be cool, if NWI will make some uniqe customization gift for beta-tester (who buy the game before 12 december).
This may be spec ops balaclava for Security side or maybe unique Camo colour, or maybe unique sunglasses/mask for Insurgient side...
Guys, What do you think ?

(in Battlefield 3 it was Colt M1911 if I remember correctly)

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Night maps, flashlights and Night Vision Devices. I think it will be cool idea..

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Like to see more submachine guns and PDWs - MP5, UMP-45, P-90, MAC-10, Scorpion, Kriss Vertor еtc...

Combat rifles - Steyr AUG, Galil, HK416

Pistols - Sig 226, CZ-75, HK MK23, Stechkin Automatic Pistol, Automatic Beretta 93R, some Revovers and offcouse DEagle 50AE for Insurgients

Sniper Rifles - AWM, Remington 700

Shotguns - Saiga, SPAS-12, Mossberg 590 and maybe Double Shotgun for insurgients

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