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No news, no infos, nothing happens ...They Don’t Care About Us...

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@iyagovos Hi, first time i'm lost logs on the flat road, next time (AW dlc) i'm packed long logs on the trailer and at the same time i've lost loads - 3 times one after another and i gave up...

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Yes this happen to me with long loads many time (with and without mods)

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Yeah Chuck Norris!!! 🙂

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  1. sry for my bad english
  2. Hmmm
    I do not know what to say. I'm a little disappointed...
    I love this game and i have 453 hours in game time (steam). True not much but enough. Fans asked for a little things (realistic interior,mirror, weather, bigger maps...)
    Devs' promises too much in MudRunner and we got almost much else could be done with Spintires MudRunner...
    MudRunner 2 is an atomic bomb for us now...
    Now i will buy American Wilds dlc (maybe for 10 eu ?) and
    I will be ready to buy MudRunner 2
    if those things are in it.
    But for now I'm a little disappointed,,,O,O,,,

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