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I believe it would be more of a parley

leaning more towards a profitable deal between warring gangs rather than outright diplomacy

also kind of like bribing the ref in blood bowl

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Hoping your version of Necormunda doesnt land anywhere in the same region as the tabeltop
£72 for the basic boxset!

All jokes aside

Im going to buy the tabletop and then check it against my old rulebook and see the major differences.

My girlfriend is excited by the all female Escher gang and wants to challenge my Delaque gang over some turf , she wont know what hit her!

Good to see the dev presence in the forums.

I had completely forgotten to upload my fan art to try and get some hype going

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I've done some character sketches but they are on my instagram I'll upload them tonight after work.

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Yeh it kind adds to the whole survival against the Hive in general being able to survive the deadly hive sump and also the enemy gangs takes on a whole new meaning.

Having environmental hazards other than just traps would be amazing, things which temporarily affect your ganger 1-3 turns in game, things which have a lasting affect , 1-3 matches , things which are permanent, such as losing a limb or digit. Losing an eye from shards of glass or metal , things which disable the ganger.

I wonder if they would make the maps procedurally generated , wonder if that is possible

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I really enjoyed your video, as for the sneak and stealth , there are sneak , and infiltration skills.
Having gun jams are essential as they arent brand new Bolters from the imperium they are 5th hand even 100th hand weapons , some even stub guns are home made and very unreliable.

having all these animated etc would really be something.

Even when units are in hand to hand , it would be amazing to see them duel rather than stand still, having them in melee , just fighting, blocking, parrying, weapons clashing .
Would make the whole gun combat in melee more real.

Alot of combat was hand to hand because at lower levels the Juves and the fresh gangers werent proficient in marksman skills.
So always relied on close quarters combat .

I think there will be Delaque, Goliath, Escher, Cawdor , these were the first four I remember when Necromunda released first generation

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I would love to see , partly destructible environments, which shape and change the map as you play .

Where a short cut to the objective was once clear, now a support buttress from the upper/ adjacent dome has become weakened by Hive quake , unchecked gunfire , corrosion and collapses knocking out / injuring (based on a roll) any gangers in the area of affect.
This would mean you have to work around the environment , and that your not just in it but fighting against it as well as the actual enemy gangs.
So you have to spend one turn or two digging out the trapped ganger or rescuing them from the toxic gases or corrosive acid pool surrounding them. Things where the environment becomes just as lethal as the enemy gangs.
Things which could easily change the gameplay , but its not something that is there every time , its random , and players need to investigate / search on their turn for any environmental systems which could harm / benefit the gangers.

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As for your original idea, would it be easier just to say do an even split of the enemy force, half focus on the game objective and half focus on the fight itself.
So every match you have the enemy AI going for objective and going for the fight
so you cant just do one or the other you are always forced to try and balance between , going for attack / defend objective and also , getting involved in the straight up fight.

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Yeh , there are so many different environmental affects which could be utilised .
e.g. A delaque sniper has an almost clear shot on the enemy cawdor leader , the headshot is obscured but there is a high pressure steam valve and vent outlet next to his head . need 18+ on D20 to score the shot
penalties for distance, penalties for difficult shot , bonus for being veteran sniper, bonus for height advantage Sort of stuff like that , and you score it, the valve head explodes with the armor piercing round, the valve explodes and searing hot steam melts the enemy leaders face doing 1d8 + 2 damage.

Or the valve explodes but the valve and steam pipe was part of an older system now defunkt , the enemy now knows your position and returns fire.

These types of interactions would be fantastic.

Every possible environmental affects should be utilised.

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I'd have to agree it would be nice to see different animations for different skills etc , and their affects on enemy players. Also I'd love to see the environment become more alive , with more animated backgrounds etc, a Hive isnt exactly a quiet place, with Shroom spore explosions , overheating decayed generators exploding , fuel sump's getting torched in the distance in some vast cavernous hall.
Electrical discharges , toxic gas eruptions from collapsing pockets. Mutated horrors lurking in the shadows and everything that creeps and crawls waiting for death to bring them food.

Even the characters themselves could have that sort of "idling" sonic hedgedog foot tapping animation.
Make the characters seem alive as they wait on the battlefield to be moved.

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@Mekelan Im all for a little bit of artistic license etc , they shouldnt have to change the core gameplay too much . I just hope they can really make it feel alive . The HIVE has so much to offer in terms of different skirmishes etc.

It would be amazing if they even allowed you to have a level editor to build your own skirmish map
although I doubt it will happen.