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Anyone else notice that the statistics for you as a coach under the "Team & League management" are all wack?
It looks like a simple coding error where it is set to take the race and corresponding result for the team that appears in the top of the square in the "History" tab... problem is this isn't always your team.

My "statistics" have me playing all kinds of matches over the last month and six months that I never played with teams I've never used... while ignoring a bunch of games with my actual teams 😞 bit sad, as it would be nice to actually have a measure/history of how you've gone across all teams.

Would think it should be a pretty easy fix though...

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I’m definitely a fan of the BB2016 MVP rule being adopted to increase the control and skill factor involved in team building. The random allocation can be extremely detrimental at times. For example, in my current Lizard team (taking a sample size of one, lol) 20 out of 25 MVPs have gone to bloody skink bloat despite there being less skinks than Saurus on the team (combine that with opponents conceding when you’ve secured the match enough to go for Saurus TDs and it can really slow down team development… and lead to a lot of Skinks getting fired).

I’m less of a fan of resurrection mode in a medium length tourney such as the Champ ladder. In a short tourney (less than 20 games) I think res mode is definitely a good option as team development is handicapped already by the small number of games that can be played, so the impact of losing an important player is even more disadvantageous to the team (i.e. it’s always bad/sad but it’s not as crippling in a medium to long tourney as it is in your typical weekender). Again, I’m speaking here as a coach whose current Lizard team had 4 Saurus deaths (to random non-Claw Pom hits no less) and 2 + Agi skink deaths in 12 games. My view is that if you take the blood out of Blood Bowl, it’s just “bowl”, and nobody wants to play “bowl” 😊

As for the playing early in the season issue, I think there will always be a player set that are disadvantaged in any open multiplayer environment by factors other than player skill. For BB2, some players have more time (meaning more games total and more grinding to catch that early win run), some players have access to a bigger pool of coaches during the hours they play (getting quicker matchups and a boarder range of opponent skill), some have dodgy internet and end up with DC concedes on their records regularly. With the relatively small player base of BB2 it’s difficult to create different environments to suit different types of gamers while still keeping the population high enough, and the matching flexible enough to get regular games. So, I think as a player base we have to accept that the limitations to our gaming probably aren’t Focus/Cyanides issue and just get on with enjoying the downtime we get (remembering we have some control over this by being a pleasant opponent and cursing Nuffle rather than our opposition – and keeping even this to a minimum). But I’ve been playing Blood Bowl in one form or another since the mid-90s so I’m probably a pretty easy customer for them to appeal to regardless.

That said, I’m fully supportive of any tweaks the admin make to the Champ ladder/BB2 to increase the number of people playing (and can’t wait for LE). Again, speaking as a coach who works 60+ hours a week and has a small, very energetic child, so definitely can’t play more than 30 odd games in a season, and seems to only be able to play on PC when no-one else is on so can spin for several iterations of 299secs, even to the point where it starts to look for similarly matched teams in other leagues – good old UTC+10. Thankfully my internet issues are fixed now 😊

I say keep up the good work, and thanks to all the admins who volunteer their time!

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My team's record is 12-1-2 (Berg's Publicity Squad). This is shown in the teams Statistics. However when you look on the Champ ladder Leaderboard it comes up as 12-1-3. This appears to have happened after a 4-0 win against Raging Rotters when, after scoring turn 16 the screen stayed black for a extra long time before loading to the end game screen and a note came up saying internal server error. I check my record worried the old fake concede bug was back, but the record was fine and the game was recorded as a 4-0 win. But then I check the Leaderboard and a fake additional 16th game has been added as a loss. This game has never happened, was never spun for, and doesn't exist anywhere but on the leaderboard for some reason.
Please rectify.
Thanks 🙂