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To make every faction unique. If we just buff their weapon stats to be comparable to other, then the necron just turn into a reskin. Every faction should have their unique style, for the necron i suggest it should be positioning and gimmicky skills.

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@aram_thehead said in How to Make Necron Great Again:


(Active) target any friendly ship to create a line of damaging energy beam
between them.

isn't this already in the game? Lightning link ability.

Yes. But only on flagship. I really would like to see it on more ships.
This allow us to buff necron damage without buffing the raw stats.
TBH. I want game 1 customization back.

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  1. Use the technical withdraw warp out. Every ship is valuable. Start the warp out at about half life (use your judgement). This allow you to cycle in ships.
  2. Nova and other AOE is the best friend. Spam a lot.
  3. Build your economy. Don't buy ship unless you have to, don't lose your ships.
  4. When attacking a system, you don't have to win it in the 1st attack. Pick off a few ships and warp out. This allow you to
    slowly grind down a huge enemy fleet with a small one.
  5. Upgrade your listening post ASAP and always broad enemy flagship with battle plans. They will buy you valuable time.
  6. Mines are the most OP thing on the map.

7. Trick if you make your flagship a random 4 star ship at the end of your turn, you will get 4 move point next round. You can always swap back before battle.
8. IMO Space Marine sucks. They have hard time dealing with spams from the because the lack of AOE.
9. Shield your ships with other ships. Enemy can't shoot pass a ship so you when one of your ship lose shield you should put a ship with shield between it and the enemy in order to limit the hull damage during shield recharge.
10. Torpedo sucks massive D. 90 damage a hit with a long CD. Never buy Torpedo ships.
11. Always kill generator 1st.

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I will list problem and their respected suggestions
Problem: Necrons suffer from skill shots due to their low speed and long jump CD
Suggestion: Greatly reduce jump CD and half it's range then slightly reduce movespeed but increase turn rate.
Reasoning: Makes Necron a mobile race but in a very unique way. Allow them to dodge skill shot if they use their jumps
intelligently but will still be punished for having jump on CD at the wrong time.

Problem: Necron suffer from critical damage often and lacks the mean to quickly remove them.
Suggestion: Introduce a new type of "shield". Made out of swarm of scarabs. This swarm shield will reduce the probability
of necron suffering from critical hit by it's percentage. Example: at 100% swarm shield, necron ship can't be
critically hit. For every attack that hits the ship, 50% of the damage is is also deal to the swarm. The shield
regenerates constantly. While the ship has over 50% swarm shield, the ship can't be targeted by teleport.
Reasoning: It is makes necron less vulnerable to critical hit and it's lore friendly. Scarabs were used by necron to repair
things. The more scarabs there is the more likly that any critcal damage dealt will be quickly fixed and have
no impact at all.

Problem: Necron hits like wet noodle and can't win long range shoot out against orks.
Suggestion: Introduce more gimmick way to deal damage base on positioning. Ideally active unique for each ship.
Example: (Active) target any friendly ship to create a line of damaging energy beam
between them.
(Active) the ship phase out and travels forward for some distant damaging all ship in it's
(Active) the ship sends all it's scarab swarm shield forward in a cone to damage enemy base on
it's shield value.
Reasoning: Each race should feel unique. This change also fits necron being super advance with all the gimmicky tricks.
Also complements change 1 to make necron a race that plays on smart timing of ability and positioning
rather than raw weapon strength.

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Are you surprised?
We told them from Beta 1 Necron can't win long range shoot out with orks then they nerfed Necron for Beta 2.
Whoever is in charge of balancing is just ........................................................

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The renown/ upgrade screen tells you.

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Please allow us the swap leader or swap their skill. It is very annoying how you have to kill one of your line ship to get a new leader. Makes 0 Sense.

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Are we just going to ignore how Necron lose to ork in long range shoot out...

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Feels like they don't care about our feed back.
0 Dev has responded to any of our comments and things we pointed out was bad in 1st Beta was not addressed.
This game is somehow a downgrade from the 1st with less mission diversity and less ship customization.
Unless they come out and promise changes I am getting my refund before release.

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Single player

  1. Nerf all rear armor.
  2. Add ability to swap Leaders
  3. Reintroduce the ship customization that the 1st game had. Why was this removed??? How come now only 1 ship in a fleet gets interesting stuff to do.
  4. Expand the tech tree to add some interesting ability that would be woefully unbalanced in multiplayer and the enemy will have more ships or stronger vessels. It is single player after all, make it fun. Example: micro-warp has 2 charges; Launch 2 spread of Trop in quick secession; Launch 2 Squad at the same time.
  5. Greater mission diversity. The 1st game had escort, planet support etc. Don't downgrade your games.
  6. If a system has no defensive structure, there should be no victory points. If there are side structures, there should be at most 2 or 3 points.
  7. Improve AI behavior to fight around there defensive structures.
  8. Destroyed ships should leave wracks instead of disappearing into the void. And these wracks can then be used to block fire.
  9. Introduce refit, swapping a ship within the same ship class should have a lower cost.
  10. Improve the map. Current map have too much connectivity and placement of defensive fleet requires 0 planning.
  11. Any drift ships at the end of the battle are salvaged as $.


  1. Remove the capture point system or reduce the number of cap. We are here to purge Xenos not to play hide and seek.
  2. Eldar 180 should have a longer CD while reducing the speed boost a little bit.
  3. A lot of people complain about the genestealer is too strong. But I think the damage is lore friendly. Suggestion: Damage is halved if the target shield is still up.
  4. AM needs a buff. IN is just better than AM right now. Maybe give AM the ability to repair their ship HP with tech priest.
  5. Drift ship should explode after a while. ( Enemy makes the reactor go critical)
  6. Ship death should do MORE damage. The 1st game had this down better.
  7. Brace of Impact should be a timed thing like 1st game. Player should be rewarded for good timing.
  8. Trop should do more damage. Or cause the ship to suffer from DOT as decompression kills crew member and sends stuff into space.
  9. Necron teleport should have much lower CD but reduced range.
  10. Necron HP bar should have a Max hull indicator.
  11. Improve ram animation to use those mouths and tentacles please.
  12. Ship customization.
  13. Nerf ALL REAR Armor. Reward players for good positioning. Also it makes no sense for the engine exhaust to be well armored.