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I was on prone on the stair when I got shot. After I lost the objective, I respawned at the place I got killed. Although I can't stand up or move in any direction, I am still able to shoot the opposite team within restricted zone. Thankfully, someone killed me and made me respawned normally.2_1544878135174_20181215191650_1.jpg 1_1544878135174_20181215191644_1.jpg 0_1544878135174_20181215191639_1.jpg

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I was watching Singrana's BFG2 stream. He was talking about how points in the game didn’t do much to persuade player to capture the point instead of killing enemy’s ship. Then he has a new idea on how points can be used to call in ships during the game. So we brainstorm together and came up with this idea below.

Link to google doc:

(We are not professional game designer. We are just people who loves Battlefleet Gothic Armada game.)

(Also, at least 1 developer has seen this doc.)

Just to be clear, we understand that implementing a new game mode is a huge thing that won't happen at launch. Singrana just has a spark of idea while he was playing and I really like the idea, so I make the doc to share it with the community. We would love to know what you think.

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