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Xbox in the next couple of weeks? thats pretty vague. so PS4>xbox patchwise?
Is the roster bug fixed when you have more than 8 riders?

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Yeah when you have more than 9 riders in your team and you select other riders for the next race, the first stage of the race is driven by the "old" drivers of the last race. only on the second stage your new squad comes in. this is where the bug "if simulation is used you could suddenly see you self win with 4 hrs to second place in one race" comes from. because the new riders who only joined on second stage have less "time" on them (the game seems to count the hours, minutes, seconds raced to decide who is first overall).

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Hey Iyagovos,

I tested the pro leader mode just yesterday and I really like the idea of the mode. Started myself as a climber but I think that the progression system is too steep. From getting more points by just finishing races to only getting points my being first on a mountain/win a mountain stage is too much. There should be middle grounds like "finish top 5 in mountain jersey comp in the tour/dauphine" or "finish top 20/10/5 on a mountain stage". But so far i really like the updates compared to last year. far more races etc!

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