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I would like to see more options in the multiplayer like creating your own class and being able to change your class instead of it being locked prior to playing a match.
I would like to see more cosmetic options for characters and more skins for weapon with attachments in multiplayer.
Also competitive modes etc.

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Absolutely love the game but keep getting randomly disconnected and Crashes with no reports and even having to force close the entire pc because the game wont allow me to end its task in the task bar...
I hope there is a solution to these problems in the very near future.

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I think that there should be Prone and Lean implemented
I also think a much needed Loot all and also a double click on attachment to install to weapon.
Also ammo that is not needed and attachments should have an x to notify you so its easy to drop with an auto drop key for anything not needed.
NIght and day cycle.
when a player shoots they highlight on the map for 5 seconds.

And last and most importantly there should be more speed added to the Vaulting system as well as a new feature to Royale "Evasive Roll".