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I make videos, mostly on spintires mudrunner.

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@alpscruiser Hi man, can you share the link of v1.8

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when is the new version coming for this as game is updated to version 18.10.18 with american wilds update and existing spintiresmod is not working now.

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I was very exited about update and waiting for the monthly community update for some screenshots and stuff, But sadly I am disappointed with this no screenshot, no vehicle name, no nothing, there's this image going around on internet in which there's blue sky and colorful environments which looks little too good to be true, I mean I wish game could be that bright and colorful to suit america's locations but all I have seen so far with past DLCs is telling me not to expect much changes in graphics.

Devs should focus on other aspects of game beside these DLCs and stuff which we can get through mods, Here are things that I think should be added to the game

Dynamic weather: rain, snow, wind, storms, all of that would make game much more better.

Cabin View: detailed interior with realistic gauges and working mirrors, cabin view automatically switch to 3rd person camera when advance options menu key is pressed.

Graphics improvement: Mudrunner is based on Russia thus it's dull and faded, but that's not the case with the upcomming american wilds DLC, I am expecting some graphical changes in textures to match the bright american locations well.

Gameplay Mechanics: Delivering lumber is cool and all but it's a little boring now as we're doing same thing from past few years, it's time to add different objectives, other load types like sand, stones, etc (for some construction site) and vehicle transportation missions where you have to transport cars on trucks.

Console mods: Don't know much about how this game works on console so can't say much either but all I can say is, if there's even a tiny possibility to make console mods possible then do it, it would boost the game sales as well.

I hope devs consider this as a request and at-least thought about adding some of the above said stuff.

Note: I don't mean any disrespect to devs just want to see this game grow and reach it's potential.


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In recent update PC, whenever I go to Proving Grounds and click on Day/Night toggle it only switch to night but not to, once it's night I have to wait for daytime also i cant skip night in proving grounds....just give an option to set or freeze time...please solve this in next update