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@rhs I had to find a way until I was playing this game. Now, I'm doing the same, checking the forum, waiting for reply, news, anything..
I would love to be heard/read, but it seems to be otherwise.
Mudrunner devs should not forget, it was a COMMUNITY funded project at the very, beginning. So Community deserves an answer at least. It can be a No, but answer!

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@neccoguy21 This is strange, Xbox has another option, even though, it sounds quite useless, why is there another option?

Well, the question is still there to devs, will you develope the REAL force feedback or support remains to mean basic controlling ability? Focus Home, please comment/answer/act like you are interested in end user problems.

PS.: I found a way on PS4 to disable centering force, so at least I'm not killing my wheel. I'm starting a game that supports FFB (e.g. project cars 2), wait for the menu to load, where there is no centering force. At this point, I start mudrunner, that results no centering force either, so I'm not killing the wheel for a useless function...

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Wow ok, so like everybody on consoles, i have been screwed... Let's go to the point, WILL WE have force feedback on consoles (ADJUSTABLE OF COURSE) or is it only meant to use a wheel as a controler without ffb? i don't even ask when, because i know it's too much asked, but please, will we?

I agree. I'm playing with T150 and was very happy to see it as supported. However, after starting the game, realized, supported means Centering force, nothing else. No FFB at all.
Is this only the T150 or all other supported wheels are without FFB?

So, my question is the same. Will we have FFB support ever?

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Seriously i bought this game metoo because i had it for years on pc with my sterring wheel g27 and g29 and i know how many developper on ps4 said they will support g29 Soon snd never happened ... can you be honest and tell us if how hard it is to do for console first you cant put all input on a g29 g920 in my mind so there is a big problem then after 2 week still no answer when this update ll release next week ?next month? 3-6 month ?next year? or maybe if you can do it or it was just to sell game and you re nt gonna able to support be honest please give us a date a week a month...

We aim at adding wheel support on consoles before the end of the year. We don't have an accurate date because it will highly depends on how the testing process goes.

Hi Netheos,
First of all, thanks for your replies, it's much appreciated, just as your efforts to add wheel support.
On the other hand, I was just wondering if it's a possibility (on consoles) to release the wheel support for user beta testing. I'm quite confident, the Spintires community is pretty supportive (just recalled how this great project started). Especially when it's about creating a better experience.
I think this might help both, Devs and Gamers as well.
Thanks and regards.