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Can we please have an option that lets you queue for a match that hasn't begun yet? The number of times I've gotten into a match that is already decided or more than halfway through is too many to count.

Adding an option to queue only for a new match would solve this problem.

I know this is high on the list that a lot of players have with playing PVP.

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There's just too much of it and when it happens consistantly it really ruins the experience. I'll be back when you guys come up with a solution.

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Hey guys,

I have a couple ideas for feedback after having played several hundred hours in beta and now after the full release.

-ARMORY- Please make a custom load out screen that is accessed within the main menu for making gear load outs and saving them. Having to create load outs while in a match is tedious and takes away from the match.

-OBSERVER- To give the observer a more active role let him mark an area for the commander. Right now you have to stay next to the commander but it's difficult to make call-outs and coordinate. Or perhaps there is a better solution here?

-RESTRICTED AREA- Not sure about this mechanic. It doesn't make any sense and sometimes you'll get caught out retreating even if you reacted immediately with no way to return fire.

Have really been enjoying my experience thus far and think this is the best game to come out in a while.