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Okay, i bought this game, played 17 minutes and refund it.

Good game, but when I used Medium preset (video options) I had 30 +- FPS (sometimes lags) and when I changed my setting to Low I had 15+- FPS. I do not know why. Maybe I buy this game in future. Yes, I know it is only BETA, but I think need better optimization.

I can play on my PC AAA games with better FPS (for example Far Cry 5 [LOW] 40+- FPS)

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And What will be testing this weekend? Because I played last weekend too and this game need better optimization (My friend has the newest i5, GTX 1060 6 GB, 16 GB ram and playing on LOW [0 - 50 FPS]) and Squads are not working properly (waiting 15 minutes and 59/60).

Thank you.

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Yeah, I know, but I mean Beta before release (few weeks) for players who has not game, but want to try it, maybe buy it.

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Hi, I have got two questions:

  1. Will be open or closed beta?
    If is answer for 1st question YES,
  2. When will by open or closed beta?

Thank you.

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