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Call of Cthulhu, the official videogame inspired by Chaosium’s classic pen and paper RPG, is set to unleash madness when the game releases for consoles and PC on October 30th. Today, prepare your mind for all-new gameplay, taken from Edward Pierce’s investigations within the Hawkins Mansion.

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In Call of Cthulhu, feel the influence of Lovecraftian Old Gods and other cosmic horrors, as you delve into the circumstances behind the tragic deaths of the Hawkins family. Helped and hindered by the mysterious locals of Darkwater Island, your journey cuts the line between sanity and madness as the hunt for truth brings Pierce ever closer to the Great Dreamer.


This gameplay trailer takes place during the early stages of Pierce’s investigation, though the influence of the Great Old Ones is already creeping into effect. To uncover the truth, players must unearth clues, interrogate locals, solve crime scenes and overcome dangers both physical and mental.

Call of Cthulhu releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 30th. Digital and retail preorders are available on PC and consoles.

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On two occasions, we were stuck on the dialogue wheel with none of the speech options being clickable. This is just in the first 3 chapters already. With one we went back to the graphic settings and changed it from "full screen -windowed" to "full screen." When we restarted from the last save Adam4adam TutuApp AppValleypoint the same dialogue wheel options were clickable. The second time, we again made a change, this time to windowed I believe and restarted. While that worked, I am not convinced what exactly is fixing the problem. Is it changing the windows setting, just exiting and returning to the game, starting from the last checkpoint or what.

The point is there is clearly some kind of maybe random bug where the dialogue window locks up and no option can be selected, preventing the player from progressing.

Both times were at the mansion, once with the police officer and once with Silas.

Thank you for this feedback. We're aware of this issue, and it will be addressed in the next patch.