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Very intersting suggestions/observations. Can't say I really disagree with any of it.

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Agreed, I think a hotfix is in order - Though they have been aware of it for a few days now as they replied to a forum post about it in general discussion. Hopefully they fix it soon. Just some quick fix at least so that you dont get exp if you dont clear any objectives.

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@rydiak thanks for making the quick ref guide. I was being dumb and typing it out over and over everytime someone asked lol - then i stumbled upon your post - I think before it got stickied too lol

EDIT: Oh and most importantly having all the cooldown times listed in there is very helpful

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In game you do it at the screen where you select your character and equipment - the ability descriptions are listed where it says level 1 2 3 and 4. The reason for this is because in "Non Codex Mode" you don't start with all abilities unlocked - and instead unlock them as you play.

However for quick reference here:

(I did not make that guide)

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To be honest, I hate it on PC too. My pinky gets tired. I'm getting too old for all this videogame sprinting.

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@skube in the campaign, once you have unlocked them (by completing missions and unlocking the skills in the bottom row) then you can just equip whatever psychic skills you've unlocked at the same screen you equip weapons. You can only have 3 at a time, so you'll end up having to replace one or two eventually.

Hope that is what you're asking lol

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@streumon-f8 yeah also no point in a roadmap if you havent quite figured out what you're going to do yet. Vermintide 2 (comparison comes up a lot so here it is again) has a roadmap that is now behind by like two months lol

That said, some input on whatever is coming if anything would be great. Or if you decide the game is at least DLC worthy based on sales, or not, or whatever, just would like to know eventually lol

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@rotlung hey just so you know, if you're playing the campaign, you can change the difficulty while playing. (at least in PC you can, when you're playing, push escape, bring up options, then click game and you can change it there - dont try to change it from the main menu as the option only shows up while you're in game)

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Might be one already, what exactly are you looking for? Like how to beat the singleplayer campaign or what?

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@streumon-f8 said in I play but i don´t receive points to unlock:

The factors are:

  • time spent on the map (capped) ⌚
  • all the stats you see on the end screen with the medals (capped) 💹
  • the number of relics found :🏺
  • the difficulty setting 💀

Interesting - Unfortunatly this leads to the fastest way to level up being run around on hardest difficutly and grab all relics (which can be done in about 4 minutes on chapter 1 due to the small map size and close proximity of all the relics - and there is almost no opposition as well if you just sprint past the first room of enemies and lock the door) and complete no objectives and die lol (if you're buy yourself, you get medal for best kills, best deaths, best everything)

EDIT: The time spent on the map does not seem to be a big enough factor either because that whole process only takes 4 minutes but you get like 7k exp.

If you went on to complete the objectives, you hardly get any more exp, because the time spent on the map is capped and objectives arent rewarded.(chances are youll die shortly after getting the last medal even if you dont want to)

Time spent should be removed and replaced with objectives. Objectives should reward the most exp as well - relics should be secondary to that.

time spent, if you leave it in the game, should count AGAINST your score if you havent spent more than 5 minutes on a map but it still wont entirely solve the problem if objectives don't give experiance

Just to prevent speedrunning relics from being the fastest way to level up.