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I'm not sure thats true, if I had 4 chaplains with cool down reduction on their invulnerability, they could be invincible for like 60 seconds out of every 70 seconds of game time. And melee smash anything in the game.

The same can not be said for a group of 4 tactical marines.

Further, the chaplain has access to all of the same weapons (with the addition of crozius) as well as his own take on some "fighter" perks such as going for critical hit rate or the 30% bonus hp that everyone has. Actually, being able to make myself invincible whenever I need to run in with my lightning claws to attack a broodlord sounds quite appealing compared to making an ally have damage reduction whenever I need to run in and attack a broodlord with my lightnign claws.

This is just my opinion. I have done some testing as well - at about 60 hours in game since the new perk system launched. BUT everyone will have an opinion 😛

I want tactical marine to be good, I just don't think he is xD

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Agree, without voice chat people dont even know they are invincible lol

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In game you do it at the screen where you select your character and equipment - the ability descriptions are listed where it says level 1 2 3 and 4. The reason for this is because in "Non Codex Mode" you don't start with all abilities unlocked - and instead unlock them as you play.

However for quick reference here:

(I did not make that guide)

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Yup, scroll down one post and I said the same thing lol. Not saying you shouldnt post this or anything, just saying I agree Lol

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He has a perk to make psy powers do -33% to 50% more damage. Even though it can be negative, given that it is not -50 to 50, you acutally have a better chance of doing more damage more often.

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Would be cool - hell even some handheld games such as Resident Evil Revelations 2 (that I own on steam personally) have daily misisons and weekened events. Like it will just throw huge special enemies at you, or scale your level down to fight high level enemies then give you a reward on how well you did or how low level you were.

Little events go a long way I think 😛

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Well, pre order bonuses usually aren't more powerful - just a skin. It has more base reach than a powerfist if I'm not mistaken though.

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I'll pick it up as my next perk and let you know what I find. Apoth is pretty survivable even without the surviability perks anyway.

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Yeah, you CAN get the relics during special missions but usually people don't go out of their way to grab the few stragglers that arent directly in their path (because I think people assume the objective is more important - as it should be)

Oh and while we are on the subject, they need to let people filter games they join by difficulty - especially if they make it so you have to clear objectives to get experiance lol. Poor new players will be getting screamed at for joining hardest difficutly when they had no idea 😛

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@steakboy1 said in Terminator Space Marines......really?:

@sergeant-zalinto yes, you’re right. Sometimes I get the psychic echoes of Sanguinius’ death rolling through me and my eyes glaze over then I find myself with red crosses daubed on my shoulders and shin! Damn the Black Rage!

I understand, I have a very similar problem and occasionally murder our own allies in a delusional state.... poor sisters of battle.

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Yeah, AOE abilities are pretty much the STANDARD (pun intended) for banners in videogames.

I would say that it would be cool, like really cool, if you could somehow incorporate back banners too - though I acknowledge that the hallways are a bit cramped for that lol, BUT maybe if they just wore it at the lobby screen or something like that - you know, just to show it off for a moment lol 🙂

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@skube in the campaign, once you have unlocked them (by completing missions and unlocking the skills in the bottom row) then you can just equip whatever psychic skills you've unlocked at the same screen you equip weapons. You can only have 3 at a time, so you'll end up having to replace one or two eventually.

Hope that is what you're asking lol

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To be honest, I hate it on PC too. My pinky gets tired. I'm getting too old for all this videogame sprinting.

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@rydiak thanks for making the quick ref guide. I was being dumb and typing it out over and over everytime someone asked lol - then i stumbled upon your post - I think before it got stickied too lol

EDIT: Oh and most importantly having all the cooldown times listed in there is very helpful

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Helmet Toggle:
In case you haven't been reading the steam forums or watching youtube videos. Some others and myself included would really like the option to toggle our helmets. Just posting here so you can see it.

Tactical Marine:
Also, tactical marine really needs a buff in my opinion. Chaplain does everything better and has the same weapons. Perks are a bit different but there isn't anything that really makes the tactical marine stand out.

Lightning Claws
Lightning claws also seem vastly underpowerd. They replace both hands first of all, so on like the apothecary they make it so all your cooldowns are wayyyyyy longer, but whats the tradeoff? Less damage, more risky gettting close. I've used them successfully on No Mercy difficulty but NOT nearly as easy as busting out the hellfires or switching to any other melee weapon like the thunder hammer. Their default attack speed is too slow I think. I upgraded mine and its bearable but you're still just not tanky enough to use them effectively when compared to all the other weapons.

I've taken tips from other players here:

but like I said, I was successful but it's just way harder than every other weapon and especially punishing on apothecary because you cant just wield one (I wish you could - I always did in the tabletop roleplaying game Deathwatch by fantasy flight games)

But seriously like, what is the tradeoff? You're better off just using a powerfist with a gun like 100% of the time lol. I want them to be good, they are cool dang it xD

Love the game - put in like 40 hours already lol (I need a job xD)

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@streumon-f8 yeah also no point in a roadmap if you havent quite figured out what you're going to do yet. Vermintide 2 (comparison comes up a lot so here it is again) has a roadmap that is now behind by like two months lol

That said, some input on whatever is coming if anything would be great. Or if you decide the game is at least DLC worthy based on sales, or not, or whatever, just would like to know eventually lol

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Additionally, when I place my AI brother with a stormshield in a door and tell him to defend this position, he shouldnt countinually press forward until he is a mile away. They don't even follow the orders given lol. I hate that so much xD

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Sirs, lets not turn this into the steam forums Lol.

I'm sure the developers are working on the AI to some extent at least (it's pretty bad) but you can learn to manage it as well. Either way, the point will get lost if everyone keeps rambling back and forth their opinions on the matter along with insults xD.

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