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I understand, and that's a problem as well. But what I mentioned was a whole new problem, it just didn't deserve a new thread, so I mentioned it here.
It's basically for the player's footsteps, when you keep moving on said parts of the maps, there's no sound. Like you're levitating or something.

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That's the problem for me, that at range which I mentioned I was still experiencing instant hits. Like MarksmanMax said, it's very hard to tell when you "switch" to projectile based ballistics. Also the core idea of having 2 seperate is just messed up, let alone that for some reason it feels like, there's a gap there. Can't really put my hands on it.

As for DOI and Insurgency I feel those games were much more realistic (damage wise, tactics wise, bots wise, especially DOI). The hitscan there was a problem for me, but it was on the old Source engine. It's a miracle NWI managed to get that much out of it, so it was fine back then. I mean the Source engine is from HL2, so we can't expect proper realistic ballistics from it.

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Re: Increase the damage values

As mentioned in my old post a long time ago and mentioned in other posts as well, we'd really like to see increased damage values, since this just doesn't feel realistic at this time. Bots and players are acting like nothing happened, when they get shot. I mean this game is advertised as realistic, with low TTK (time to kill), but it honestly feels like COD singleplayer (instakill for headshots, but at least 2-3 shots to the chest with ARs) at this time, except the bots you shoot, do not react to getting shot other than a headbanging motion (like it was some weird rock concert).

Also there are some really weird damage values, that doesn't even make sense. For example the 7.62 rounds making the same damage as the 5.56, while it has been reported by actual people in battles, that 7.62 is much more lethal.
What I don't get it, is that in one of the updates, the SCAR-H was fixed so nicely, it was always 1 shot to the chest and the opponent was down, maybe 2 for the legs, and then another update came and it was switched back. An unarmored haji bot got a nice shot in the back, exactly into the spine and yet he does a flinch animation and keeps walking away like nothing happened.

Please do something about this, THIS is one of the reasons the old Insurgency was so good. Because it wasn't just about running around like a headless chicken. If you did, you died.

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That last picture is a very good representation of what I meant. Tracer round is there and yet the bullet already hit the target giving it some smoke.
I agree that Sandstorm doesn't have big areas, which really is a huge problem in itself. Like why would you ever use a sniper if it's CQB all the time. But I actually always try to take out the enemy from as far as I can (quite a few times from 100+ meters). At that range the projectile velocity matters. I guess I'm still hoping that bots won't be able to hit me from 100-150 meters.

Completely unrelated, I think the STALKER series has some amazing projectile system. The bullets come from the barrel, they have their own travel distance (when they start to drop), their own velocity and it can use tracer rounds (every one of them, or every 5, or switched off altogether, whatever you want). Haven't played ARMA too much, since it overcomplicates everything way too much for my taste.

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I didn't want to open a new thread about this, but missing footsteps are an issue on a lot of maps. Especially on elevation changes and sometimes water, you can't hear your own footsteps. A good example would be on Summit, when you move up the stairs inside the rock cave towards checkpoint D.
There are some others too. Would be nice if these were fixed, since they kill the immersion.

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Not gonna lie, I lost my faith in Sandstorm. The bots make the game unenjoyable, telling the team to slow down results in getting ignored or receiving a "git gud noob" and other remarks while you're actually the number one player with the most kills and save others from certain deaths. The TTK on the guns are just ridiculous, not to mention the shitfest of bugs.

Really it's this realism mode that could save it for me. And it's not like they need to do a lot here. Adding 2x more powerful weapons with much better penetration, where a .50 cal DOES actually find it's way through thin metal and that upon arrival into a concrete wall creates almost like an explosion on the other side, killing everyone behind it.
Maybe lose the whole checkpoint idea, but simply place weapon caches around the whole map (like in the old Insurgency's hunt mode) and make the team search for it house by house in a tactical manner. For example you get extra points for staying within a vicinity of another player. They could place hidden IEDs on the roads that explode on contact, but still somehow letting the player be able to see these.

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@MAA_Bunny said in Remove hit scan:

I'd like to see a more realistic ballistics system in place too.

That said, I understand why they made the choices they did. Hitscan is faster and more efficient for net code. It also means players don't need to understand ballistics - if a truly realistic ballistics system were implemented we'd probably have tons of players complaining that guns shoot 3" low at short range and 3" high at long range (and at least some of them would probably complain that such variation is not "realistic").

But I'd still like to see realistic ballistics.

I don't think that ballistics is that much of a problem nowadays. A lot of games have this implemented including main stream titles like Battlefield, Ghost Recon Wildlands and others, but I do get what you mean.
The problem is Sandstorm advertised itself as a hardcore realistic shooter. So if someone is suprised that it'd have actual realistic ballistics, like bullet drop, it's on them.

I've never once seen actual tracer rounds, let alone it being impossible, since the first 100 meters (or I don't know how much) is hitscan, which means it's instant hit. No actual bullet, therefor there's no real tracer. Maybe an added effect that has nothing to do with the bullets.

I know Wildlands is far from realistic, especially with it's slow moving bullets (almost like watching airsoft lol), but I think the tracer rounds look pretty neat. There's something satisfying about being able to look at what you're shooting:
Youtube Video – [01:15..]

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I'd like to see the hit scan being removed so that only the projectile based bullets are left.
I don't understand why hit scan needs be part of a game that is supposed to be realistic / semi realistic. Bullets don't hit instantly.
There are a few times when I'm trying to zero in on a target and I find myself shooting in front of them, but then end up looking like an ass, because of hit scan. At range there should be a small delay.
Even when you only look at when the target gets hit (since hearing the ping might come a bit later due to the speed of sound) you can clearly see there's a delay even at that range.

I'd also like to have visible tracer round. Perhaps it could be a feature which you can toggle at the weapon customization. This way if someone is going for full on stealth, they won't get tracers, but if you want to see where you'Re shooting at, then you can enable tracers. Tracers MUST represent the actual bullets trajectory. It should NOT be similar, it should be the exact same.

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@cptns said in AI questions:

  • How do they spot players?

  • Reaction time and accuracy?

  • How do behaviors such as suppressing, grenade throwing, aiming, etc work?

Through the Force

Faster than a double clutch gearbox's shifting time (this is actually not even a joke)

It doesn't. They don't care if they get shot.
Grenades upon leaving the bots' hands immediately turn into a heat seeking missile that disguises itself as a grenade. The missile will find it's way through door locks, cracks and spatial wormholes to arrive on target with impeccable precision.
alt text

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Honestly this feature they will be adding is actually a good idea.
I bet you those toggleable optics will cost 55000 supply points while ridiculous non-existing extended mag cost 0.0001 supply points. At least in real life you can actually "toggle" your optics, unlike the retarded extended mags that not just give you a visually disguisting magazine, but also apparently gives you 1.5x more ammo.
The feature they need to remove is the extended magazine, not this.
This game is oriented towards CQB, so there's almost no maps, where constant high power scope is neccessary.