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You notice this on free-aim right?
Youtube Video

This video shows that it's because while you're free-aiming (not using ADS) the weapon moves faster in a certain small circle area, but then, when the camera starts moving, it slows down. Not to mention the fact that, even though the weapon is pointing in 1 direction at free aim, it'll point in an entirely different position in ADS.

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Where's the update Lebowski?

No really we've been promised an update in February. Is it gonna be one of those "on Feburary 28th at 23:59 an update has been ........................... cancelled" update type?
What the community needs is constant small updates that fix things one by one. Use the community as testers, see their reaction on the forum to the updates.

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Like Whitby, I don't agree with most of your points, but indeed TTK is not like in the old game and I'd love to have lethal rounds. It might probably even slow down the gameplay (that's a good thing).

Another one of my biggest concerns is that fast gameplay is encouraged instead of rewarding tactics.
I feel your frustration here, since we have so many fast paced shooters in all kinds of war eras (past, present, future), some with nicer graphics than real life itself, but no proper tactical shooter that looks really great with the ability to have coop.

The other major flaw I cannot stand is the AI Sandstorm has. However I kind of have hope for NWI to fix that, since there were times when it was almost this bad in the old Insurgency too, but eventually it got fixed.

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@jarv said in m249 recoil:

@sgt-kanyo And at 27 pounds, it's a gun thats a full 10lbs heavier. And did you even watch your own video? The first few rounds push him back before he gets it under control, exactly as I described.
I'm also seeing him shoot from the hip, which lets you absorb the reoil while using the weight of the gun to keep it under control, using tracers to walk your way onto the target. (We're also not seeing effect on target) I'm guessing that's not at all how you're trying to use it in game, where you're probably trying to aim it like a rifle.

I've fired both of these weapons during my own time in the service. I don't know what's so shocking about the concept of open-bolt belt-fed machine guns not being as nimble or precise as a 6lb rifle. The bolt carrier has a lot of mas and slams all over the place as you fire, which amplifies felt recoil especially if you're trying to aim down the sights which show precisely where the gun is pointing. Theres a lot more to how these guns operate than stats on paper (same cartridge+heavier gun=less recoil? No, there's more to it than that!) In Game, you absolutely can fire the M249 effectively from the shoulder at close-ish ranges to snap shoot a sudden enemy if you have to. Aim low and give him a ten round burst while pulling down. You're going to be at a disadvantage, which you should be, but you can do it with even a bit of practice.

The guns are pretty accurately modeled, but the current maps, especially in PvP, don't give many opportunities for the MGs to play to their real-worth strengths.

Ok that's it no more replying to you. You sir are just fucking dumb and noone can help you.
I actually edited my first comment to be a bit more civil, but I should have just left it as it is.

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Sorry to say, but Sandstorm is never going to be a MilSim at this state. Unfortunately the devs took a direction towards arcade gameplay, promoting rushing with absolutely zero tactics, claiming they have realistic damage system, where shotgun pellets are stronger than 7.62x51 bullets. Or that 7.62x51 bullets have the exact same damage as 5.56x45. Not to mention the idiotic hitscan + projectile based bullets instead of using just a projectile system. Air support where the A10 Warthog's 30mm bullets (that actually penetrate heavy tank armors) fail to kill hajis. (It's basically a glorified fireworks show at this point)
When I played the beta, the damage system was still not good, but not as bad as it is today. My theory is that a lot of casual gamers picked up on this game due to it's nice graphics and incredible sounds and than the devs changed the direction towards arcade gameplay to appeal for a bigger crowd.

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@jarv said in m249 recoil:

The M249 fires from an open bolt - it's not like a rifle. When you pull the trigger, the mass of then entire bolt carrier group slams forward, stripping a round off the belt, chambering and firing it before cycling back into the open position again. I can tell you even dry firing these things can knock you off target when unsupported.

What I've found in game though, is that after those first few rounds, you can pull the gun down and get rounds on target pretty easily from a standing or kneeling position. Its a wild ride, but you can do it. I think it's an accurate representation of the real gun.

This is from an M240 that shoots even bigger caliber rounds, a 7.62x51, so please don't mention things you don't understand, trying to prove a point that is not true.

Youtube Video

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I didn't that chance from all friendly fire incidents. I meant on the battlefield it is very rare.

I've only seen a few FF incidents that were actually deliberate as well, but it's present even in COOP. Some guy accidentally (or not) TKed a teammate, then when the teammate respawned he TKed the guy, but like you said, it's quite rare.

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You haven't got a clue what you're talking about. First you don't want friendly fire incidents then you want it, you don't want people to TK you, but you are talking about killing teammates.
Who the fuck even counts the 1 in a billion chance where a friendly is in front of you and suddenly an enemy appears behind him. It happens so rarely it's not even worth mentioning it.
Do you not fucking understand that by shooting someone you won't kill the other person behind it. It's basic physics. Guess what, the tiny little projectile we call bullets can and will get diverted by bones, hell even from the impact into muscle tissue. You just fail to understand basic physics here.
And why would the enemy behind suddenly become the T-1000 Terminator who can kill both of you. You do have legs don't you? Walk out of the way of your teammate.
Just another excuse for TK, and from what I saw one TK leads to another.
So enjoy TKing people, sprinting towards the objective with zero tactics using absolutely no teamplay and then blaming it on others. lol
The method I proposed would work perfectly against TKing abuses. It's that simple.

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Didn't quite understand your reasoning there or your post for that matter.

This game ain't Fortnite. It's not some let me jump from 5 meters, open my parachute, do a 360 noscope and scream REEEE type of game. Insurgency advertises itself as realistic, the mod was realistic, the first game was realistic, it's what people who've been playing with this game fell in love with. (Unfortunately it seems to be turning into Yet Another COD Clone, but this is for another topic)

So let's see your scenario. You're crouching in the corner defending the point, a friendly (idiot) runs in and starts shooting at random corners hoping he'll kill an enemy and not a friendly. The method I suggested (lowering the weapon) would prohibit that player from doing that, you don't get killed, he doesn't TK by accident, everyone is happy right?
Saying your teammates are stupid and only them would actually suggest that you're just trying to justify anything bad you do. Teammates walking into your line of fire while you're aiming can happen, but it doesn't give you the right to kill them.
Until you understand that, you're a teamkiller.
I mean what's the message here, your teammates are dumb therefor you have the right to kill them?

Also make sure you read the 2nd part of what I first wrote, because those actually encourage teamplay in a ... teamplay based game.

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Indeed. It caused a lot of problems even at close range to me. I never hipfire, since I'm all about landing precise single shots after each other. My first bullet always goes to shit, since the gun is aiming at an entirely different point at the hip compared to where I'm aiming with ADS.
This needs to change.

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