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My goal is to attack and the map shows "Defend".
Its not a big deal but can confuse you in the heat of combat.

I cant get a screenshot so I made a small video.

Youtube Video

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I was playing Push, and I notice that sometimes the description in the map, on the leaderboard screen is inverted! When my team was attacking it was writtern to defend and vice-versa.

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Only other thing I think the game should improve is shadows. The game is smooth if I run it with shadows on low. Any option above that, though the game stills runs at about 60fps, I dont feel its smooth enough.

I played the refinery map in online pvp and the problems didn't happen. Its local play problem only.

I find some people in some forums complaining that the game is still broken. I think some people are facing harder problems. I never really had strong bugs anyway but I think other players have.

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The Refinery was always the map with worst performance for me. Other maps are very good.
I try a local play today in single player to test it and after patch 1.1.4, Im experiencing a huge frame rate drop next to point D playing with Security, like drops from 67 to 13fps. I didnt have these great drops before.
The rest of the map is not so bad, but when Im using scope(not pip) the frame rate drops a bit too.

Other matches I played online in other maps was all good.

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@max80 said in Am I the only one who would love to see cripple shots?:

@reason3d - We currently have a lot of effects hampering our ability to fight through suppression and concussion effects and fire. The farthest I would say take it is if its an arm shot, pistol only at that point. Whereas for leg shots give a slight hobble or limp also adding that sprint is disabled, and walk speed is all you get with the limp.

EDIT - You guys need to stop and think at how often this is going to happen. A simple feature like having your primary drop from an arm shot got real annoying real fast in insurgency source. I imagine this will not appeal to most. BUT the ability to have it in workshop would be GOLD.

It could like this: One leg hit, you just can walk, both legs hit, you crumble to the ground, stay prone, can shoot but will die in 2 minutes if not heal. The idea is to have more capabilities to create unique situations, as in Sandstorm TTK is very low, this kind of thing will occur rarely but when occur they could create a unique situations to solve. Things that can rarely happen but when occur create a impact in players minds would be good. I.S. could have more details to create such situations. May be some rarely catastrophic situations too.

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Any team member could heal you applying some morphine(just to simulate). If you're not healed you would die in 2 minutes for blood leak, but a player could not heal himself.

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I.Sandstorm doesn't leave much room to create unique moments.
Cripple shots could help a bit with that.
I think most of time, the guy who shot your leg would finish you on the ground, but what if after he shot you some other team member of yours kill him? In this case, your team member could heal you.
If a friend gets shot and stumble to the ground in some crucial moment, you have to decide either attack the enemy or reaching a goal or save you friend. I think all these scenarios can add more intensity to the game.
There could be some game mode in the future where you have to capture some enemy VIP(like capture the flag with a VIP NPC instead a flag) and you'll have the choice to immobilize him if he is escaping too. I really like to have more options.

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All these detail won't make the game a hardcore simulator anyway. Im playing Warframe and the character fall hurt incapable of moving. Warframe is totally arcade.

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The option to choose laser color is good.

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I think everybody agrees that in this moment the game really needs more maps. That's the main thing!

One other thing I would really love to see are cripple shots. If a guy is shot in the leg, he would fall on the ground, actually in prone position, and he could still fight and shoot but he woundn't be able to walk and will stay in prone position until receive medical assistance. May be just a perfect position shot would have this effect. Shots slightly off center wouldn't cripple soldiers.

The fallen soldier could scream like: "Im hit, I cant walk, I cant walk"!

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