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@lkhero said in The BIG Eldar thread and more:

On the point of Corsair ships being 'Fragile', there is nothing in Eldar lore that suggests that they're fragile, especially in comparison to the Dark Eldar vessels. I strongly believe it should be removed because it is just a terrible playing experience for the Corsairs.

does the bfg rulebook page 129 count where it states eldar ships receive critical damage on a 4+ rather than a 6+ ?

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@lkhero said in The BIG Eldar thread and more:

From the Corsair's perspective, one of the biggest problems that they're suffering right now is because they still have the Fragile attribute that makes them take more crit than everyone else (+100% chance to receive a crit). This is absolutely murderous on something like Eldar because they require their movement and gens to stay alive.

it seems critical damage appears 10 times more often than the previous game, even for other factions

Next, I’d like to talk about Eldar Ordnance really quick. For future references, I’m using Ordnance to describe Torps, Fighters and Bombers. In the lore, Eldar had superior fighters and torpedoes: They had dodge properties essentially and they were only destroyed on a roll of a 6, which no other factions had. In short, they had Top Guns in space with their Fighters and Bombers, and their Torps were extremely advanced and capable of impossible maneuvers that when combined with Holo-fields, made them almost impossible to shoot down. In the first BFG, Eldar ordnance maintained a certain level of superiority. After all, the Eldar is expected to do more with less, so they had 30% dodge on their fighter/bombers and 50% dodge on their torps. In the current beta, I shit you not, I’m losing to Harpies and Orks. My torps are also being knocked out of the air by a BB not in Brace looking at me sideways. Something is up, and I can’t put a finger on it, but it seems like Eldar has lost its space/air/void superiority.

i seriously think ships have 4 times too many turrets

Let’s back up for a minute here and talk about the fluff, lore and design aspects of Shadowfields from the table-top, both in general 40K and in BFG. Since we’re in BFG land, I’ll be first to say that the original DE design for Shadows was uncreative at best. It was a literal copy and paste of Eldar holo-fields and very boring to say the least. In 40K, Shadowfields was a 2++ Invulnerable save that once failed (you rolled a 1), it stopped working for the rest of the game. It’s supposed to represent this immensely powerful forcefield that can stop the heaviest armament regardless of source until it wears out eventually; essentially putting the DE player to test their luck and hopefully not roll 1s. Fast-forward to the current game, Shadowfields are more like another Drukhari technology called Night Shields, which before 8th Ed., made it so that opponents weapon ranges were shorter vs. Dark Eldar because they were clouded in an inky darkness. I understand how copy and pasting the Eldar holo-fields will just feel bland and I agree with that. Stealth was given over as a mechanic to make Dark Eldar more unique and I think that’s great flavouring, but again, polarizing because it’s very much a all or nothing approach. To the active Drukhari player, it’s either you have Stealth, or you get nothing, and for the defending player, it’s either you have Frigates, or you die.

what if, like table top, the stealth only applies to the beginning of a match and then can't be regained?

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i'm pretty sure it's the exact same modal. the only thing "NEW" about it is that it's confirmed that its in the game.

[sarcasm] big whoop! [/sarcasm]

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Last week, we asked you to identify a ship based on just its silhouette!
Today, we're happy to announce the Chaos Battleship Desolator coming to Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2!

but but... i feel like i wasted my time by over thinking

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not desolator, it's a desecrator. spelled pretty similar

-looks back up to previous posts- shoot now i'm confused

odd they gave it a despoiler bridge deck. what if it is the Wage of Sin, the emperor's children battle barge

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i've also been hoping to see what they have been working on lately

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while that's not the best of news, that is the next best thing. the advantage is that the bfg2 news doesn't get lost in all the other news being released next week

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@caliger_reborn said in Sell me the Game:

@shadowsfm I do something like that for them already,

and you do fine work