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@whoopiemonster Great! Then it's just problems 1, 2, 3 and 4 left to deal with. That would have been a BIG quality of life improvement... especially in light of the fact that some researched bonuses apply only to ships of lvl 2/3/4... And we desperately need the ability to change leaders' skills. Assortments offered by the game are often just... wasteful. Players need control over it.

Problem 1 might not be too serious, but still... A better income would be welcome.

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Problem 1 is onle there for the early period of the campaign.

Problem 5 is more about quality of life. Players should have that choice.

Problem 6 is now gone for me, too. Although, I wish battleplans appeared more often. Way more often...

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@hjalfnar_hgv Well, it has not helped me once, and in my opinion, its functions are rather unclear. To me it looks bugged, because I a) don't see useful effect b) there are no visible indicators to inform the player that the ability took effect.

Additionally, you said it jammed their sensors only for a few seconds. What kind of useless ability is that? In my opinion, in order to be useful, jamming should last 20-40 seconds.

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When you click on it, the ability immediatelly starts cooldown without producing any useful effect.

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Currently, Battlefleet Bastion (which is supposed to be red) is painted blue, and Battlefleet Koronus (which is supposed to be blue) is painted red. In other words, these two Battlefleets' color schemes are mismatched.

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@merlin-atwares said in 6 Big Issues with the Campaign/Coop mode:

@shaftoe That sounds like the battleplan transfer mechanics are bugged in the Beta. I never had any problems like that in the release version, and didn't see enough battleplans on flagships tonight to say one way or another in the Beta version, but if that starts happening I will be really frustrated too.

I have this issue since before the Beta.

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I don't mind.

After all, I am not the only one who speaks of aforementioned problems. And that's why we need to see them fixed as soon as possible.

Speaking of Problem 6. I initially suspected that, too. And I thoroughly checked it. Most of the time my ships simply failed to acquire the data in the first place. Boarding actions simply did not succeed at that, as if it was not supposed to happen.

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In the beginning of the Imperial campaign, the game forces the player to buy a Firestorm-class frigate. Personally I (and likely many other people) have no preference for this ship, and would much rather buy something else, like a Cobra Widowmaker.

So, I am suggesting to change this moment in such a manner that would allow the player to pick whatever escort ship they want, rather than forcing them. So, if someone wants a Cobra Widowmaker or a Sword, they shall have it. There is literally no point in wasting precious money on a Firestorm I don't need.

I am sure it will be a pleasant change for many new people.

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Hello. I want to share my thoughts on why the Camaign/Coop, specifically on the subject of why it needs some improvement and how, in my opinion, it could be improved in order to make it more enjoyable for the playerbase. For sake of simplicity, I'll be short.

Problem 1. Frustratingly little resource gains
At the moment, only Hive Worlds generate income. There is a certain logic in that, yes. However, it results in a situation when players are always lacking resources until they get enough Hive Worlds to properly fund their war efforts. And the farther game goes, the more and the better ships players need. Plus, players always must account for ships upkeep, which is extremely punishing at the moment, even for Light Cruisers.
What's even worse is that enemy AIs seem to be completely unbound by need to generate resources, as they deploy huge fleets every term. And players are supposed to fight those fleets not just to win, but to survive. This state of affairs results in a lot of irritation, mainly because of players' flawed and weak economics.
And although I do admit that it does not make the game unwinnable (personally I play on Hard difficulty), it surely does not makes it any more enjoyable. And games are supposed to be fun and enjoyable. So far, BFGA II Camapign mode fails to deliver that, particulary because of this difficult financial situation, which makes the process of acquisition of new ships and fleets stressful and unenjoyable.

To solve this, I propose to finally make all other worlds, not just Hive Worlds (in case with Imperials), to pay their taxes. But, whereas Hive Worlds should generate a lot of resources in taxes, Agrarian (and other) Worlds should pay about 1/4 or 1/5 of money generated by a Hive World. Such change will not only improve players' financial situation and make the game more enjoyable, but will also increase the value of individual non-Hive World systems. As a side-fix, ship's upkeep prices could be lowered a bit, because at the moment of writing of this they are a little too high (which is an issue of its own, especially if the urgency gauge is turned on).

Problem 2. No ability to transfer ships between fleets
It pains my heart when I must discard leveled-up ship with which I fought and won some hard battles just because there is no button to transfer it into another fleet that I have (or might have). This is not simply half-baked, it is disheartening and therefore needs to change.

To solve this, I propose to add a "Transfer Ship" button which will allow players to transfer their ships to other active fleets they have (if within the same sector), or into a new empty Fleet (without a Leader, yet), if cap so allows. Alternatively, there should be a way to put ships into Reserve, from which players might transfer them into any other fleet at will.

Problem 3. No ability to transfer leaders between fleets
Sometimes you just need to switch commanders (within the same faction, of course). But you don't want to scrap your entire fleets or, if "Transfer Ship" button will be added, to go the long way by transfering your ships until you're done. Therefore, there should be a simple and easy way to transfer your leaders between your fleets.

To solve this, "Transfer Leader" button should be added.

Problem 4. No ability to change leaders' skills and upgrades
The chief advantage of a Leader is that only they can use special abilities. However, the value of those is heavily dependent upon particular playstyle of each player. Therefore, players should be able to change skills (and by extension upgrades) of their Leaders. The very lack of this ability makes the game feel underdeveloped. Besides, if it's allowed in Multiplayer/Skirmish, why isn't it allowed in Campaign/Coop, where stakes are higher and every advantage matters so much more?

To solve this, I suggest to add "Change Leader's Skills" and "Change Upgrades" buttons. Given the difficult economical situation in the game, skill/upgrade change should be free.

Problem 5. No ability to choose which ships of a participating Fleet appear on the battlefield
Players have their reasons to deploy some ships first, and some ships second. Especially when several fleets are present. Therefore, it's expected that there should be ways to choose which ships will participate in the battle from the start, and which will be called later. Even older games, such as The Empire At War had this feature. So, it is expected to be present in Battlefleet Gothic Armada II. Not having it here simply feels wrong.

To solve this, I suggest to implement "Reinforcements Menu" (or its alternative), which will list all ships currently present within players' fleets that are in the system, as well as fleet points meter (to better understand the situation).
At the start of the battle, players will be able to choose that they have.

Problem 6. No reliable way to gain Battle Plans
Battle Plans are essential to set back to Urgency Gauge, as well as to access some highly important enemy systems, from which they direct their attacks with impunity, thus precluding players from deploying their fleets to pressing objectives elsewhere.
However, at the moment, you can board enemy flagship numerous times during a mission and, despite numerous attempts, NOT get battle plans! In fact, most of the time I fail to acquire so desperately needed battle plans, even if I raid several present enemy flagships by lightning strikes, boardings, boarding torpedoes etc. It simple doesn't work as reliably as it should.

To solve this, I suggest to increase successful battle plans acquisition chance significantly. Preferably to 80-90%, so players will be able to not only somehow control the ever growing urgency guage, but also open ways to bothersome enemy systems which cause a lot of trouble, but can't be accessed in an ordinary manner.

In my opinion, all aforementioned issues are huge deal breakers when it comes to Campaign/Coop experience, and proposed features (i.e. solutions) are absolutely MUST HAVE for this game. Thank you for your attention.

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You have an appointment with Abaddon the Despoiler, Admiral. It is 800 years overdue, and can't wait much longer.

Be careful, though. The Inquisition believes that the Planetkiller, as well as a Gloriana-class superbattleship "Vengeful Spirit", carrying the arch-traitor himself, are lurking out there. So, you better prepare your fleet well, before you engage them.

Glory to the Emperor!