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@caliger_reborn said in Vengeful Spirit, Phalanx, Etc - Campaign Only?:

@nurgle777 It isn’t, and I’m pretty sure Planet Killer isn’t in this one, it might be but I doubt it.

Yes it was, Not release, but you where able to face the planet killer, blackstones and Rok's in Skirmish "challenge" mode vs AI. Every 5th or 10th battle was something special.

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As title: Id just like to know, Ideally id like them playable in Skirmish - Particularly the Spirit as we have not got a Chaos Campaign (yet) to use her. only fight her.

please Say we get to use them all in skirmish.... :3

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Co-op campaign? :o

Loving the rest of the news! my only "Gripe" would be the low 2v2 fleet score - 600pts a side is FAR too close to BFG1's 2v2 - Ideally (game engine/balance allowing) should be nearer 1000pts a side.

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