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Thats a good point but how do i know if its fair or not, cheated or not?

There has to be a way

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0_1545773634671_insurgencyclient-win64-shipping.exe 2018.12.25 - !0_1545773653516_insurgencyclient-win64-shipping.exe 2018.12.25 - 0_1545773736341_insurgencyclient-win64-shipping.exe 2018.12.25 -

I dont know if its a one time ting or people having the same things?

But this is very annoying and when it happends it happens until the end of that game so after respawns you still have it.

Pleas fix this!

Kind regards

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Hello guys!

Maybe its just me but i really miss the killcam!

I wanna see from what i died and how.

sometimes i'm not sure if its a fair shot or not.

Someone same thoughts ?

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I'm a new player on Insurgency Sandstorm and i have a little problem with graphic set on very high...

I get lags of 1sec its just unplayable.

I play Battlefield 1 on very high so what is the problem with Insurgency?

Maybe its a quik solution idk.

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