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As of right now both of these actions are only viable when standing completely still, and this being such a fast phase game doesn't make any sense to me.

Leaning, has two stages. One less titled stage when moving and fully tilted stage when not moving.
Now ideally peeking a corner you want to lean to not expose your feet and body to the enemy before your rifle. But there is problem with that.
With the 2 stage leaning, you start peeking a corner or whatever while leaning and soon as you see a target you stop to fire.
Now the problem being, is as soon as you stop you enter into full tilt leaning which throws you off your target. And soon as you start moving again.. as nobody wants to stand still while being shot at.. You go back into the first stage of leaning, which throws your aim off again.
Now some might say, why don't you just keep moving in the same direction so your lean stays at the same angle? Well, the idea of stopping as soon as you see an enemy is that at that point, you're exposing as little of your body to him as possible. If you keep moving he'll see your entire body. And again if you stop you'll go full tilt which is going to throw you off abit, and delay your response. Everytime you make even the slightest movement or change direction of where you're going while leaning your character will change the leaning angle. This to myself is a very infurating feature which i do not like the slightest.

Now focus, works in a way that it stabilizes your gun abit and zooms in your view abit for a more accurate shot when being held.
Focus itself is also tied to stamina, so depending on how much stamina you have the longer you can focus. If you're out of breath you can only focus for a short period untill you regain stamina. Focus being tied to stamina isn't a problem for me that much.
The problem i have with focus, and what i think makes it useless is. Even the slightest movement will cancel focus.
If you're running and press focus while coming to a stop, it will cancel.
If you're holding a corner, using focus and make a small step it will cancel.
So basically the only way you can use focus if you keep completely still. And in a fast phase shooter like this, that makes you into a really easy target.

So what i'm suggesting is.

  1. Remove the 2 stage leaning, just make it a simple 1 stage lean. Same angle everytime, no matter what you do. Also the movement speed while leaning could use a small buff.
  2. Make focus more usable in movement, i'm not saying you should exactly be able to move around completely freely while using it. But atleast tie a certain speed, or distance traveled to canceling it.

Thanks for reading, i do have a few more things i could give feedback for, but i'm going to wait for the game to be fully released to see if those see any changes then before talking about those yet. Let me know what you guys think, what suggestions you have on these subjects. Do you completely hate my ideas, do you support them? Alright have a good one.

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@dootybooty If you bothered to read past the title you would know thats not what i'm trying to achieve here. All i want is some more fluent gameplay mechanics that can be accomplished with this new engine.

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@bez Yeah, then again this is a first person shooter, not a simulation and not real life. I have also served in FDF and i regularly go shooting as a reservist and i understand what you mean but from a gameplay perspective this is just not a really working feature. And from reality standpoint the max angle of the lean may be abit overexaggerated but holding the same angle is nothing of an impossibility whetever you're moving or standing still.
I would be perfectly happy if they reduce the max angle of lean but just remove the 2 stage mechanism.

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The 2 stage leaning is currently so bad that i don't even use it because it just puts me at a disadvantage.

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@snuffeldjuret I personally think the overall movement speed is abit too fast for my taste, but leaning movement speed compared to that is atrocious which puts only push you at a disadvantage if you decide to push a corner while leaning. There are alot of other factors that combined inflict.. Like the bad hitreg, low dmg, weird recoil, lagg etc..

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Idk what you're talking about MK17 is one of the best weapons in the game imho because of the low single shot recoil, damage and range output with the correct attachments.
It also has alot more versatily compared to something like a M4.