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~ Performance/Optimization, I have the recommended gtx 970 and CPU i5 3470 3,4 ghz, 16 gb ram hyperx dual channel, SSD hyper x and the game can maintain 60 fps only on low Setting, and movement creates stutters every second almost and freezing for a sec or so every 30 sec or so, fixing this is very important.

~ Other players are very laggy, they move with stutters, like my character also.

~ Reloading weapons is bugged sometime does not work.

~ Vehicles movement/ Player walking/running is very laggy, and walking on while crouching still makes foot step sounds idk if that is intended.

~ Not enough loot on houses, I played a whole game with only a pistol and 15 bullets, I could not find any weapons/ammo, other stuff is fine, only weapons are a issue.

~ Matchmaking seems bugged atm, I heard a fix is on the work anyway.

~ Resolution maximum you can select is 1600x1000 does not matter what monitor you have

~ Another issue might be because game is using computer scripted animations and not mocap system studio animation if I am not wrong ? Camera movement / moving around in general using mouse/keyboard feels to fast and is stressing me (not talking about sensitivity), it should be more smooth and slow, it feels like a 3rd person forced into first person view, animation transition and movement in general must be tweaked to give a more calm and smooth feeling, animations and movement in general feel like they have no "weight".

~There are no custom graphic settings and no FOV option, this should be implemented in future.

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~A pve mode would be cool, change nothing to game except 2 things: no other players and multiply number of mutants by a large number(when new mutants will be added), and play normally as 100 player battleroyal mode except you fight your way to extraction point fighting mutants only, and blowout storms with a siren to warn the coming blowout(like in stalker games) that will require you to find shelter to prevent radiation damage, and this mode can be played COOP also.

~In middle of the map add chernobyl power plant and give the player 2 options, go to helicopter and escape for a normal reward or try your luck and go to the power plant and fight a mutant boss that will be taken down much harder but end game reward will be bigger.

This is my idea 🙂

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